Goodbye, 2016

Hey hey hey,

Well, here we are, on the last day of 2016.

I’m questioning myself as to how did a year pass by so fast and yet at the same time, looking forward to 2017.

Let’s look at 2016 and take a moment to appreciate all the good things that came our way. (P.S. It might take me forever to list out all the good things, so, I’ll just count down my 10 highlights of 2016)

Ready, let’s go!

10) This is not really a good thing. This year, I had some of the toughest instructors that I faced on attachment. Believe me when I say it, the stress was so monumental that I actually broke down once outside of my shift but I am damn proud of myself for surviving those attachments and scoring pretty well for them too

9) Coding!- Karlie Kloss, a supermodel, is one of my inspirations. So anyways, she took up coding 2 years ago and fascinated by how it works, she encouraged girls to try it out. Well, this past August, I was deciding how to spend my holidays when I received an email from my school. It turns out, a bunch of students were going to do a series of workshop to teach people to code and it was every Saturday, from a period of 4 hours. I signed up and voila, I learnt something new.

8) All the people I met- From new classmates every semester to CA mates to CCA mates, I met a lot of new people this year, and while I might not know all their names or remember their faces, I am thankful for them coming into my life and am thankful for those few that made a difference in my life

7) Taekwondo- It took me a good year before I joined taekwondo in July. I don’t know why it took me so long but after seeing my friend in her taekwondo gi, I got spurred and signed on. I haven’t gone for much trainings but the trainings I do go for are really tough and kickass. At the end of the day, it’s all about trying to be better

6) Driving- I took up learning to drive this year and although I am far from obtaining my license, I am thankful that I am learning something and hopefully, hopefully, get my license next year

5) Events!- I did a bunch of school events this year, like the HS Amazing Race to the KTPH casualty exercise to Open House and RED camp. I won’t go into detail as to what happened across the different events, one thing’s certain: I surely had a ton of fun. Here’s to more events in 2017 (*cheers*)

4) From year 1 to year 2- I completed year 1 in February this year and am now 2 more months away from finishing year 2. InsyaAllah, I’ll do well and get to move on to year 3.

3) Camps!- I did my first camp this year, then another and another. While each camp was different than the other, they had one thing in common: intense preparation. I remember all the long hours spent in planning and preparing. I am so proud that all the camps were executed as planned and more so proud, that me and my friends did it all together

2) Friends & Family- There are my pillars of support and they are there for me when I need them. A new friend that I am thankful for is Amelia whom was my classmate from last semester. We started doing projects together and then when it came time to revise for exams, we did together side by side and since then, she hasn’t left my life and cannot seem to stop making jokes at me.

1) Health- Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with good health and haven’t taken a day off this year from either school or work. I hope 2017 will continue this streak and that I shall receive plenty of holidays.

Side note: I am also thankful for sleep and desserts

Here’s to hoping 2017 will bring us more good memories be lit!!





Winding down

Hiya there!

I hope you’ve been doing well. Yeah, I know, I was away again for too long. My apologies which is why I’m committing to writing this post because it’s the start of a new semester tomorrow and who knows when I will be back.

(I hope to be back soon though)

Let’s catch up!

I wrapped up the last semester in August and had a 3 weeks break before I began my 4 week attachment.

Man, those 3 weeks were amazing yet busy.

I did quite a lot in 3 weeks actually. I began my driving lessons and I can so far say that I’m a total wreck because I can’t even keep my car in the centre of the line which is something I don’t get. And I can’t move on to learning other stuff because I can’t keep my car in the centre. Sad life.

I tried to commit to going for Taekwondo classes but only managed to attend 1 session because I was busy. I took up Taekwondo in school this July and it’s been tough but I’m determined to keep going because I want to instill discipline in myself and learn how to protect myself.

What else? I took up a coding workshop that was offered by the School of Info-Communication Technology in my school and attended 3 out of 4 workshops. I learned how to code in HTML (hyper-text markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and dabbled in a little of JavaScript as well. The main purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to code to be able to set up their own website. Though  I was quite slow during the workshops, I’m still going to retain all the materials that I have from the workshop and try to accomplish this on my own someday.

I also had a camp which I was in-charge of. This camp is called the Discovery Camp and it is for secondary school kids and it’s for us to show them what the School of Health Sciences is about so that they may consider joining us in the future after their national exams.

Oh my gosh, this camp was so tiring. We were short on helpers this year so for those of us who are in the camp had to step up and take up more roles to make sure everything went smoothly. We spent 2 full days preparing for the camp and another 2 days were for carrying out the actual camp. It all went well albeit it was tiring but I had a good night’s sleep after the camp was over. Like, literally.

After all the camp madness was over, I took a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city life and went to Malaysia for 2 days along with most of my family and cousins. Another reason we all went there was to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, which is a festival of sacrifice. 

This short getaway was what I needed except that it was too short. We stayed at my grandparent’s place while over there and it is so quiet and peaceful up there because there is no internet, landline or television. You are in a true sense really disconnected from the world. And I admit, for a moment, I thought to myself, “If only I could have this peace and quiet everyday”.

Anyways, moving on…

I had my attachment, of course. 4 weeks long- 2 weeks at IMH (Institute of Mental Health) and another 2 weeks at KK Women’s and Children Hospital.

I really enjoyed all 4 weeks. IMH was actually fun. Yes, there was the initial perception I had in my mind on how to interact with mentally ill patients. But, after a few days of being around them, I actually began to enjoy it and found that the stigma in my mind against these people was slowly being broken down.

It was so fun that I actually looked forward to work everyday because my only job everyday was to engage the patients in conversations or to keep them occupied. Ain’t that amazing?

Yes, once or twice, things got out of hand and the patients got aggressive but not physically, only verbally. So, things were still pretty okay.

And then, there was KK Hospital. I spent a week in the obstetric ward and a week in the gynaecology ward.

It was pretty okay but on one of the days, I was assigned to the nursery and I almost went mad. It was non-stop work of feeding the babies, changing the babies, bathing them and measuring their vital signs.But they were all so damn cute.

And I got a new admission for this baby that was just 1 hour old when it came to the nursery and its mind-boggling to think that just 1 hour prior, this baby was someone’s womb.

Besides all that, I, of course, went out with my friends. With one group of friends, I went to Pasir Ris beach.

And with my other friend, we went to Ikea and then to Hougang Mall where I tried NeNe Chicken for the first time. I got 2 pieces of fried chicken with this sauce called The Freaking Hot sauce which is really freaking hot.

I have a high tolerance for spicy foods but this one really got the best of me. I had tears streaming down my face as I ate my chicken. I will definitely go back again but maybe this time, I’ll have a milder sauce
I also met up with my best friend Gracelyn on 2 separate occasions and one time we went karaoke-ing and the other one was just a simple lunch date with her at Swensen’s where we ate a lot and had a real food coma afterwards. Because, after lunch, we went back to my place and ended up crashing on the sofa together.

I also attended my uncle’s graduation which took place at SIM this past week and I’m really proud of him for graduating.

And just yesterday, me and my friends took part in a casualty exercise run by MOH and Khoo Teck Puat hospital. The purpose of this exercise is to establish emergency preparedness in times of emergency exactly like when an emergency will happen such as a bomb blast. Me and my friends were all casualties. And for the most part, we sat around waiting for our turn to become casualties but when we did, it was actually fun because there is nothing like lying in a bed and being pushed around. But hey, we did it man.

The rest of the time was for family and working at my mum’s restaurant twice a week.

How could I forget? Of course, I baked! It’s not counted as a holiday until I bake something. But this time, I baked both sweet and savoury. I baked cream cheese frosted cookies (recipe at: ) as well as my staple chewy chocolate chunk cookies (recipe at: )

As for the savoury dishes, I made Shepherd’s pie twice. Once with lamb and the other time with chicken. I don’t really have a recipe for this because I eye-balled the recipe and just threw it together as I went along. But I’ll just give you a rundown of what went into my dish but you can switch it up and add whatever you want to add or leave out.

My version:

3 large potatoes, boiled and mashed

1/2 large onion, thinly sliced

1 large carrot, thinly sliced

Green peas ( Add as much or as little as you want or leave it out completely)

1 chicken breast, cut into small cubes

A lot of cheese

1 egg yolk





Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees celsius. Cut up your potatoes into cubes and begin boiling them in hot water. While your potatoes are cooking, you may begin to saute your onions in some oil over medium heat. Once your onions are slightly cooked, you may add in the carrot, green peas and chicken and continue cooking. Season with salt.

Once the chicken has turned white, its cooked, so take it off and turn off the stove.After your potatoes are boiled, take the skin off the potatoes and mash them all up in a big bowl. Add an egg yolk, salt and a small handful of cheese into the potatoes and mix it all up. You may add any kind of cheese you want. I used “pizza topping” cheese that I had.

Begin layering in your baking dish. Spread out the chicken filling as the base in your baking dish. You can layer as thinly as you want but ideally it should be about half an inch. Spread the mash potato topping on top of the chicken. Add more cheese on top and place in the oven to bake for about 20-25 minutes.

This recipe makes a lot. I had enough to last me for 2 days and basically just ate Shepherd’s pie for every meal.

So, that was my holidays. I hope you haven’t been too busy lately.

If you are, slow down and relax for a bit if not, you’ll feel burnt out.

Wish me luck for the upcoming semester.


I gave up caffeine for a month- And this is what happened

Hi there!

Note: This post has been written in parts over time. Please ignore any incorrect tenses. Also, I was supposed to publish this last month but only managed to do so today as my finals just ended. Sorry!

My name is Nurfatma Perveen and I am slight caffeine freak. And there is nothing more I love than having a nice cup of coffee or tea to begin my day with and probably another cup again in the afternoon after lunch and on rare occasions, another cup in the evening

So, right now is the fasting month (Ramadan). During this month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from pre-dawn till sunset.

With the last couple of years, I always issue myself a challenge to not consume any caffeine during the fasting month but someway, somehow, I will once or twice sidetrack but not because of my will but because someone will force me to and it would be impolite to say ‘No’.

This year I have made up my mind to strictly stick to this challenge.

So, let’s get to the rules

The rules:

  • No coffee, no tea or any other beverages that consume caffeine. If I am going to be buying bottled drinks from outside, I will read the label to ensure there is no ‘Caffeine’
  • No food containing ‘Caffeine’. This one is easy since I mostly eat Malay or Indian dishes, no coffee or tea is used
  • Each time, someone offers me tea or coffee, I will refuse them.
  • I will not tell any of my family members about this challenge so that I will not be talked out of it because I have some really cray family members (sorry!)
  • Even on the days when I won’t be fasting due to other circumstances (cue “Period”), I will still not consume any coffee or tea or as such so that I can complete the 30-days caffeine-free challenge and also to maintain the run of not consuming any caffeine during this time.

Let’s get to it!

Day 1

I woke up and all I had for sahur (pre-dawn meal) was a date and a glass of water. I am not one to eat a lot this early in the morning so this sufficed for me. Right after, I went back to sleep for a little bit more before I would wake up and go to school for my exam.

I have no idea how I got through the day. I was yawning every 5 minutes and felt so sleepy. I ran into my friend on my way to the exam venue and she joked about how small and “tired” my eyes looked. Towards the evening, I was having a little headache and that warranted a massage from my mum. As without my caffeine, I was a lot more tired and went to bed at about 10pm when normally I would sleep at 11.30pm.

What a start!

Days 2-7 (day 4 was the start of holidays, btw)

Exams continued but I was still very tired and lacking that boost of energy and every night I would sleep earlier than I planned to. While each morning when I would wake up for sahur and my mum would ask me if I wanted tea, I would decline her.

I went out with my friend on day 4 but I decided not to tell her about this challenge as I wanted to enjoy being done with exams and just let loose.

Also, this week my favourite bakery, Fluff Bakery, was selling their Teh Tarik cupakes, which is a tea infused cupcake. Unfortunately, due to being caffeine-free, I might have to wait a couple more weeks till this flavour is available again on their menu before I get it to actually try it.

Days 8-12

I began attachment on day 8. The first day went by well because it was just mostly orientation and talks. The actual work began the next day on Tuesday but I was not fasting the next day due to a special phenomenon called period. Nonetheless, I still went for break with my work buddies when it was time to break fast.

The next day, I was working on morning shift so when I went for lunch break with my work buddies, I was the only one eating. To make matters worse, one of my buddies is a guy and I tried my darn best to get rid of him but he insisted it would be fine if I ate in front of him

. I was actually so embarrassed the entire time while eating in front of him, that my cheeks were flushing red and I was smiling awkwardly. While I was having all these emotions, I made the mistake to make eye contact and I smiled awkwardly at him and he gave me that weird face, so he probably assumes that I like him now (Arghh, honestly, I do not know how to handle myself)

After work ended, I went out with my best friend, Gracelyn and I had an eclair. It was nice to chat with her after a long day of work and just have a heart-to-heart talk where I spilled the beans about this challenge. So, she is the first person to know about this challenge.

On Thursday, I was having morning shift and I had not gotten enough sleep the night before because I was stupidly talking to my other best friend, Yi Jie. So due to this, my right eye was red. But nonetheless, I breezed through the day. My work buddies wanted to take a nap during lunch break so instead, I had lunch with my other non-Muslim friends.

Friday arrived in the best way possible, with lots of laughter. As I was working the afternoon shift, I broke my fast with my Muslim friends and we had a fun time just joking around and telling funny stories. My friend over-ate and as a result, she offered me her  iced tea as she could not finish it and did not want to waste it. I was so badly craving caffeine by this point and it broke my heart to do so but I declined her and suggested to her to give it our other friends.

Day 13-14

The weekends were a little more relaxed as I wasn’t working but I was busy chilling around (Is that even a thing?) and enjoying a few moments away from the hectic work environment. I also went back to fasting during this weekend after taking a short break away.

Day 15-19

It was the start of another work week. On most days of the week, I would break my fast with my work buddies and to compensate for the lack of caffeine in my life (Honestly, I’m so dramatic), I would dessert after breaking my fast. A lil’ eclair never hurt no one.

I noticed particularly that I was a whole lot more anxious this week, something that may have been resolved with a nice cup of ginger tea to calm down my nerves. I made many blunders during my shift and that resulted in me getting called up for a “talk” with my facilitator. I wanted to prove myself of being capable at my job yet still being able to do tougher tasks with less effort and time so I could cover more ground.

I also noticed that on a couple of nights, I was unable to sleep well because I would bring work stuff into my personal space and this intruded with my sleep. Can’t say for sure that caffeine would have put me to sleep but if anything I am familiar with, caffeine is reliable in calming down my nerves.

On the last day, I was so happy to be done with work and welcome my holidays, so my friends and I broke our fast at McDonalds (Wheehue!) where I had a McChicken and a Sprite which I only drank half off because I could not tolerate the fizzyness of the drinks. (What’s wrong with me?)

But well, I sucked it up and I am already planning how many cups of tea/coffee I will drink once this challenge ends.

During this timeline, I noticed that I would have slight headaches on the back of my head. I can’t say if this was due to the lack of caffeine or if it was because my hair was tied up in a bun and resting on my occipital lobe for 8 hours straight. Well, only time can tell.

Day 20- 21 ( the first weekend to mark the start of my holidays, again)

On Saturday, I had a pretty chill day and didn’t do anything much besides listen to music from artists that I used to listen to before but somehow unintentionally discovered new music and forgot about them. I’m speaking about the music of Sara Bareilles and older Taylor Swift songs from the “Fearless” era.

Then on Sunday, I didn’t eat much during sahur because I woke up late and after eating what I thought would carry me through the day, I vomited that as well. So, in the end, all I had was 1 single piece of potato chip 😦

Later on in the day, I went out to help out at my mum’s restaurant. And because, the restaurant does actually sell tea/coffee on its menu, I would got a lil’ emotional everytime I would serve a customer tea/coffee because I SO FREAKING WANTED IT FOR MYSELF!!!

I noticed that the headaches I mentioned earlier on still made an appearance during this weekend, so I conclude that it is caffeine related.

As I was writing this part of the article, I was FaceTime-ing my friend, Yi Jie and was feeling anxious about writing this article and just told him about the challenge (so, he is the second one to know) *shrugs shoulders*

 Day 22-26

I woke up for sahur and I realised for the first time that my mum drinks her tea from a bowl (How silly of me, for not noticing it earlier!). Well, whatever.

Monday was a long day for me where I spent time doing a lot of household chores and stuff. So, whatever.

Tuesday was again another long day filled with household chores and just me running errands. I went home and begged my mum to take to the Geylang Bazaar.

Then on Wednesday, I cooped up at home and did household chores. And again did the same thing on Thursday. And on Friday, I ran errands and after begging my mum for 4 days straight, I was finally allowed to go to the bazaar.

It was a super good bazaar (I went for the food, duh!). I bought pizza, chicken kebabs, yogurt parfait and deep fried prawn batters AKA prawn vadai that were all finished up by my family members before I could even have some 😦

Day 27-30

The last few days were busy as hell as the end of the fasting month would be ending soon and we needed to do a lot of preparations. Nonetheless, I powered through the day and would crash early at night because I was so tired. Thank god!


Final thoughts:

I survived the entire month without caffeine and would love to try this challenge every year by sticking to the same rules as I mentioned above.

It was a first for me to make it through the entire month without going off track. And right now, I’m gonna go drink my cup of Joe cause Eid (Muslim holiday) is here!!




Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here!

Well, in just 2 hours , here in Singapore, the clock will strike 12 midnight.

Let’s get into the festive spirit by listening to Christmas records, shall we?

Personally, I don’t celebrate Christmas but its hard not to get into the holiday spirit when everyone else around you is celebrating.

But, let’s catch up on life while we wait for Santa (I legit once thought Santa was real!)  to come down our chimneys!

So far, I’ve had quite a month. I had common tests and the results just came out yesterday. Alhamdulillah, I’ve done well.

Then my parents and my family went abroad on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t go because I was in the midst of common tests. I legit cried like a sap when they were leaving and when I got to school after they left. But hey, sometimes you can only hope for the best.

After my family left, it was up to me to keep a tab on how the restaurant was running so I’d go in on weekdays for 2-3 hours around lunchtime and manage things. Then, after lunchtime, I’d grab a quick bite and would head to do some sightseeing by going to different malls and just doing mostly window shopping and occasionally, buying something.

Then, after a long day out, I’d go home and exercise. Maybe do some running and planking? I love doing planks, it’s my favourite exercise to do.

I’d then spend some time just researching for my articles but mostly, I just wanted to have a good rest because I know that even though I have deadlines to meet, my holidays are for me to rest so I want to rest and relax for a bit. Yes, I will still do some work but not too much.

What else happened? I had planned to go out with my friends Yi Jie and Maisarah as part of a  late birthday celebration for me but in the end, Maisarah cancelled because she felt unwell. Which means that, Yi Jie and I only met in the end. But that’s okay, cause we got to hang out and wait for it, Yi Jie  actually paid for the dinner. Like no matter what, I wasn’t allowed to pay. Basically, I got a treat which was so cool!

What else? Right now, I am on attachment and so far, it’s going okay. Just one more week of attachment and I will be go back to school. I’m half excited and half- dreading to go back to school. I’m excited because it’s going to be a new term and I will be learning new stuff but I’m also dreading because it’s a short term and there’s gonna be a lot to keep up with.

Okay, I better end this blog post here because I am actually sick and I need to go get some rest but I will be back soon!

Happy Holidays!














My 18th Birthday

Oh hey there!

Happy Legal Birthday to me! I’m 18 and legally, I can drink, smoke and drive. But I don’t drink and smoke so I will make do with driving.

I turned 18 this past Saturday on 14th November and it actually went well.

I fell asleep at about 11pm the night before so I was not able to witness the clock striking 12. But that’s okay.

I woke up at 7:30am in the morning and checked my phone first thing and true enough, there were already so many wishes. But the funny thing is, I didn’t expect anyone to remember my birthday.

The day before my birthday, I was really upset because all my friends whom I had planned to have a birthday lunch with cancelled on me.

I know they didn’t really plan to cancel on me but they had other commitments so I had already planned to meet them yesterday but I had to cancel on them because I forgot that I had an extra class. So, I will make it up to them as soon as I get a chance to.

I received a ton of wishes. Some on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, text message and in-person from my family members. (I will post some screenshots at the bottom of this post)

But the sweetest message came from my best friend. It really made me cry. I won’t try to describe it so I will just let you read the screenshot.

So, on my birthday, I went to an award ceremony and received an award. After the ceremony which lasted for an hour was done, I walked to Ikea which was nearby and walked around and saw a bunch of stuff. But I didn’t really buy anything. I figured that I have all the love in the world, what more do I need?

I came home to Grandma’s after I was done and Grandma gave me lunch. I really had tears in my eyes and felt so blessed that my Grandma (Nani) is still alive and is serving me lunch in her old age.

After lunch, Nani gave me a new kurta (blouse) to wear. Although it was not the most fashion forward looking kurta, I felt really ashamed that in her age, Nani can still sew whereas I cannot even sew a straight line.

The rest of the day was a frenzy of cooking and baking. I helped my uncle to cook Mee Hoon Goreng. Mee Hoon Goreng is actually flat rice noodles that is fried with a chilli and onion paste, vegetables but we also added boiled potatoes and chicken breast cubes. It actually tasted really nice.

Then after, my Auntie and I baked a cake. We didn’t have enough time, so we used a boxed cake mix and made a chocolate cake. I then decorated it with leftover buttercream that I had after frosting some cookies. And I decorated it with choclate sprinkles.

That was pretty much my day but I had a good time. And being 18 doesn’t feel much different than 17 except for higher expectations and responsibility.

I was surprised to see so many messages

From Dearest Gracelyn


And dear Atikah as well


From my babe Jing Heng


My sweet friends from last year who didn’t forget as well


From my babe Amanda as well


Yi Jie really sent such a long message and made me cry.


It was also my first time in all of our friendship watching him use that many emojis


These are just some of the many wishes I received. Thank you to anyone who kept me in your thoughts or wished me. Just thank you sooo much!


Oh hey guys!

So, November is here and that means that there are only two more months left before the start of a New Year.

Whenever I see or hear or say, the words ‘New Year’, I start getting anxious. Where has the rest of the year went? What have I achieved this year? What more do I have left to achieve?

But more than anything, the last few months (specifically September to December) of the year are my favourite.

Why you ask?

Because its the holidays! And also a lot of birthdays of people I know happen around this time.

And also, my birthday happens around this time too! I’m turning 18 soon! Yay! 

So far, my birthday plans are to go to an award ceremony where I will be getting an award. I’m getting this award by my sponsored hospital for my good GPA (I frankly could’ve done a lot better).

And after the ceremony is over, I will be having lunch with my friends.

As for celebrating with my family, it will be done on Sunday. It will be small and simple. Hopefully, my aunt will bake me cake.

So, what else has been going on?

Busy with school as usual. I have three class tests this week. The tests are for: Gerontology and Community Nursing, Cell and Molecular Biology and Pharmacology.

Gerontology is basically the study of old people and it seems to be going okay-ish for me. Not too difficult but its definitely not as easy too.

Cell and Molecular Biology is interesting actually. I used to be really good at chemistry back in secondary school but my physics was horrible and it happened to pull down my grades. Oh well.

But in this module, we get to combine chemistry and biology and other forms of study such as virology etc.

We will be studying cloning as well and the most fun thing is that for one of the practical lessons, we will be getting to extract and grow our own DNA. Ain’t it cool?!

Pharmacology just seems basic for me. But I know that down the road it will get tougher. So far we have learnt how to serve medications based on its time, dosage, frequency, route of administration (whether its oral or IV infusion or IV injection etc.) and many other stuff. It is kinda interesting too!

I am also awaiting my next attachment which will be at TTSH in December.

But the real highlight of my semester are the friends I am making. Amanda, Atikah, Candice, Hui Qing among others. They are all really nice and sweet.

In fact, today something hilarious happened. I was having lunch with them and had bought lemon juice because I heard that drinking lemon juice burns your fat.

Naturally, the juice was sour because lemon is acidic and I was making scrunched up faces every time I took a sip. So, Amanda suggested I add some sugar so I can drink it with less torment. She told me that the stall keeps sugar by the side of the counter. So, I went ahead and added half a spoon of sugar.

When I came back to my table and started having my drink, it started to taste even more awful. And I had no idea why! But I continued drinking.

Vanessa then told me that the “stuff” I actually added was salt. By this time, my jawlines got really stiff. Oh man, I tried to dilute the drink with water but to no avail. So, the drink was wasted and Amanda felt guilty but on the bright side, we gained some new fond memories to laugh about.

Well, well, its time for me to go now. But I will be back soon (hopefully!)

Take care!


I wore make up for a change this Halloween (that is Amanda behind me)


School is tough but I choose to be happy and make the most of the situations


Talking to these two everyday calms me down (That’s Gracelyn and Yijie, by the way)


Finally, this annoying dude also reminds me to stay strong. Thankful for our friendship 🙂

Yijie’s birthday surprise


I wanted to put this up yesterday but I was rushing for time.

But, anyways, yesterday was the big day!

Yesterday, Maisarah and I surprised Yijie for his birthday.

So, let me break down mostly what happened

First of all, Google Maps gave Maisarah and I the wrong directions to his house. We overshot by 1 busstop and had to walk back and found Yijie waiting for us.

He took us back to his house and we explained why we came to his house. He was kind of surprised but ecstatic.

He brought out snacks for us and packet drinks. Also, not to mention the snacks that I had brought along.

I brought Oreo Cheesecake Cups and Bars, Funfetti Cookies and en route to Yijie’s house, Maisarah and I bought more snacks. Man, there was so much snacks.

We sat down and talked about school for a bit. Then, Yijie played a round of Grand Theft Auto and taught me how to play as well. It was my first time playing a game so I played pretty badly. I got Yijie into a debt of $500 and used up all his bullets. My bad! Sorry, Yijie!

Then we decided to watch a movie but could not decide between comedy and horror so we searched for some comedy movies.

Unfortunately, we did not like any of them. So, we watched a horror movie. And Yijie actually suggested watching Insidious.

I do not normally watch horror movie because I am scared but I want to try new things so I actually went with the flow.

There was a point in the movie where Yijie left the living room to answer a phone call, leaving Maisarah and I alone. The main character saw a ghost waving but it was all quiet. Then suddenly a car crash took place and the noise was so loud that it scared the living hell out of was. We really freaked out and yelled so loud until Yijie nearly dropped his phone.

As we were eating snacks, my hamds got quite dirty. So, I went to the kitchen to wash my hands and also to check on Yijie’s tortoise. One male and one female.

When I came back, Yijie began telling us a story of when the female tortoise laid eggs.

The first time the Mother ate up the eggs. Hahaha.

The second time, he managed to get the egg and put in a flower pot, covering it with soil and placing it by the window.

After a few days when there was no activity, he dug out the egg, cracked it and found out that the egg had been cooked. Hahahahaha. #troll

Oh, I love his innocence

After watching Insidious for an hour, we went into his room. And Yijie taught me and Maisarah to play the piano briefly.

Then, he himself played the piano and played a song called “Krone”, I think.

It was so beautifully played that I legit had tears welling up in my eyes. So proud of him.

And soon after, it was time to leave. When we were leaving, Yijie presented both of us a bar of Toblerone each.

So sweet of him. <3<3<3<3<3

I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait for more times like this for us to hang out.



Thanks for reading!

Nurfatma 🙂


Love them both!

Baking with Maisarah


Today, I had my friend from secondary school over to my house for a little baking session.

Maisarah and I knew each other since sec 1 but we are not very close.

She recently got in touch with me over SnapChat and from there we started talking.

I told her about the surprise I was planning for my friend and she wanted to join so from there we got together to plan things.

Well, anyways, as this is the last week of holidays, everyone is scrambling around like mad trying to finish up everything and preapare for the new semester ahead.

So, it was difficult to fix dates but we did manage to after a long time of deciphering our schedules.

She came and we started off by making frosting for a batch of funfetti cookies that I had already prepared because I actually needed to chill the dough otherwise it would be sticky to work with. ( I got the recipe from under “cookies”)

We also then made the batter for Oreo Cheesecake Cups (I got the recipe from Popsugar Food’s YouTube Channel)

We frosted the cookies, decorated them, chatted and we also ate them.

We talked about school and stuff and basically, just did not bother.

But boy, time really flies. Three hours later, it was time for her to go home.

On a side note, I enjoyed the time spent and the goodies we made.

Looking forward to tbe surprise though




Super Stressful Saturday

Today is Saturday!

And as much the weekends are my answer to a much needed break from the hectic weekdays I had during the week, it also kind of stresses me out.

What am I going to do this weekend? Any plans to go out? Will I watch marathons of Kitchen Nightmares on rerun? Will I visit anyone? Will anyone visit me? Or am I going to have a boring weekend and do homework and assignments?

These are the same questions I have everytime a Friday rolls around.

I was expecting this weekend to be little different especially since I am having school holidays.

But no, it was pretty different.

I woke up late. What else is new?

Had breakfast with the family. Watched some TV and began working on a quiz that I am to complete.

After being unable to beat my previous high score, I gave up. (which is unlike me, maybe I am exhausted of the same questions multiple times)

I FaceTimed my friend and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. Which went okay-ish.

I hang up the call, took a quick shower, followed by a quick lunch and left home to go to Redman!

Redman is my favourite store in the whole world. Followed by H&M, and then Cotton On.

Redman is where you can buy all your baking supplies in one place. Cake tins, flour, sprinkles, butter, candy melts, food colouring and a whole lot more.

Whenever I visit their store, I feel like I am in baking heaven and the fact that there is one near my house is an added bonus.

I bought butter, flour, cream of tartar, vanilla extract and SPRINKLES!!!!

You might ask why did I need baking supplies? Well, as I mentioned in my 2nd last post about my best friend’s surprise birthday party which I am planning, so I needed to get the ingredients and bake him a little something.

I also needed a little heavy cream but I did not want to buy a huge pack so I went to the grocery store. Ditto. Next grocery store. Ditto. Next grocery store. Ditto. Called my aunt. Ditto. She only had cooking cream. And more sprinkles and icing sugar (which I eventually borrowed from her)

The difference between cooking cream and heavy cream is the fat content which differs by about 20%.

It was very unlike that so many grocery stores did not have heavy cream. I finally managed to buy some when I went to visit my aunt and happened to stop by the grocery store near her house.

Oh well, life is random and weird sometimes.

What else?

I also went to Cotton On to buy new shoes. I have been looking for a flat, covered up toe sandals.

Why covered up toes? Why sandals? Why not flats?

Well, I need it to have covered up toes because as a Science student, I sometimes need to be in the lab and the lab regulations state for it to be covered up toes otherwise I cannot enter the lab.

What do I do if I cannot enter the lab? 2 things.

Firstly, I can skip class and not bother. But that will affect attendance and if my attendance falls below 80%, I am debarred from taking the final exams.

Oh, these rules…

Secondly, I can go spend $7 and rent some shoes and socks from the office which I am to return after class. But, I can keep the socks.

Well, at least I bought myself some decent, boring socks.

Back to topic, whoops!

I preferred sandals because I have been wearing flats for a long time now and wanted to change things up.

Cotton On did not have any sandals. Sighs!

So, I went to Vivian & Sean, which is a simple shoe shop and also Bata. I hoovered between the two for about 30 mins before I bought from the former. The latter is a lil more expensive so I don’t want to waste money as well.

But don’t worry, I got myself two pairs of shoes. I got two because if the first pair was above $21.90, I could get the second pair for $9.90

Hell yes!

I went to Grandma’s house after shopping to find the door locked. So, I called my mum. No answer. So I came back home. When I called my uncle, found out everyone was back home.

Argghhh, so much travelling

Well, also just now I had some guests visiting. They were my grandma’s sorta sister and her daughters and granddaughter. Indians, I tell ya!

Thank goodness they didn’t stay very long though. Now, you might think I am selfish and hate guests but nope, I am not!

It is very late at night and I want to just relax. And frankly, I do not like to gossip with people. I will gladly take about ponies and unicorns and school and other stuff but to listen to people talk about their lives and other peoples live is not my cup of tea.

I pride on keeping myself happy and away from negative energy. And really just appreciating what I have.

That said, if you appreciate what you have, you begin to understand and feel for what others don’t have.

Alrighty, I have said enough.

Sorry if it got a little lengthy.

I am gonna go wash my face and lie in bed and watch Gordon Ramsay fill my ears with vulgarities. Ha!

Q: What are your weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!

See you soon!


I got these simple and comfortable sandals


And also these simple flats which I will wear in the lab, hopefully!

Thank you! + Outing with Gracelyn


I fell asleep last night as I was writing this post and I am so embarrassed about it. But, now, I am fresh and ready to carry on.

First of all, I want to thank you guys (my followers!) . Thank you for deciding to follow my blog and wanting to get a glimpse into my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!

This blog had been a dead space for so long and just got updated. So, I am excited!

Yesterday, I went out with my best friend from secondary school.
She is my closest friend and I am so glad to have her in my life.

So, anyways, we had not met in 2 weeks. Sometimes, 2 weeks feel like forever. We decided we would go with our other friend but he was busy so we went on a trip by ourselves.

Our initial plan was to go visit this new mall that had recently opened in Fernvale.

But en route to Fernvale, we were at Compassvale, so Gracelyn suggested visiting Compass Point before the mall is shut down to be renovated.

True enough, a lot of the shops were already closed and undergoing renovation. So, we could not see much but we managed to do some 🙂

Then, we had lunch at Long John Silvers and had fun talking about school, Snapchat, Instagram and horoscopes. I was even singing along to the music playing. (Yeap, I am that weird person who sings in public)

After lunch, we took the monorail to Fernvale. But in our oversight, we boarded the wrong monorail and went in the wrong direction towards the East. Yes, we are that blur.

So we waited until the journey was conplete and we made sure to board the correct monorail and went towards the West.

If you ever travel to Sengkang and Punggol, be prepared to get lost. It is really hard to figure out where you are going. And I am not criticising or anything, but it is the reality.

So, anyways, we finally made it to Fernvale and went to Seletar Mall. It was levels and levels of shop and we went slowly.

We started off at The Paper Stone which is a stationery shop. Gracelyn, wanted to buy a notebook that was for $3 but it was the last piece and no one had bought it.

She did not want to buy it but at the same time, she wanted it as well. This girl, I tell ya.

Anyways, she bought the book before we left the mall. So, cannot blame me, I tried.

And while we were in the store, 1989 was playing and I had a fun time singing along to Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl and This Love. I documented it all on Snapchat.

I also had my first ever macaron from Delifrance. It was lemon flavoured and absolutely delicious!

We went to Popular, a bookstore, where we took photos of books we are interested in reading but are too broke to buy. Sighs.

We also went to this little shop and bought some badges as a birthday gift to our friend. The badges basically spell out his name.

We went to NTUC Finest which is a like a grocery store but with organic food. Boy, it was huge and some of the sfuff were super expensive.

We also went to a music school and had fun messing around with the instruments. Hahaha.

We also went to many other shops and wanted to watch a movie but the timings were totally off so we could not see the movie 😦

The escalator was broken down and we has to climb it and we were quite dizzy by the timebwe finished climbing. Only to realise in our blurness, that there was actually a lift. Gahhh.

We are also obsessed with the cakes that so many shops had. Especially rainbow cakes. But we gotta watch our diet. 😦

Hmm, like I had said Sengkang is confusing. We got lost with directions and had to walk a huge round in the hot sun to get to the busstop and we actually landed up towards Jalan Kayu which is another district.

But finally, we went home and blowed up our friend’s mind about the day we had. I loved irritating him >.<

That was pretty much it but the experience was fun and one that I will never forget.

Till next time


P.S. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.


I am so besotted with books.


Our feet were aching from walking.