Trying to find my footing

Hi, my name is Nurfatma and I am 16 years old. I am currently a PFP student. I love sprinkles, cookies, baking, eating and writing songs. This is my first blog. Although, I do follow a few blogs. The mere thought of setting up my own blog seemed like a daunting task because I am not a very tech type of person. In fact, I am setting up this blog because my Bridging English teacher requires us to do  an online journal. I will mostly talk about my life in general. But if time permits, I will write on other topics and share recipes too.

So. School has officially started. My first day was disastrous! I could not decide on what to wear. In the end, I settled for a dark blue printed blouse and dark blue pants. I was late for school and also I tripped on the stairs. Thank goodness, nothing happened to me but the sole of my beloved blue velvet studded flats came off halfway. I had to drag my feet along the whole day. I had only been to NP once before so I ended up losing my way. I alighted at the wrong bus stop and I tried to board another bus when I realized my blunder but all the buses were so packed and would not take me in. I tried to run in my broken shoe but it was all in vain. Alas, I hailed a taxi and told the driver to quickly get me to school. When I reached school, I walked in the wrong direction and ended up at the wrong block. I then had to retrace my steps and walk in the other direction.

I barely made it through the day’s class because I was so sleepy and the air conditioning system in the classroom was simply too relaxing. As I was so anxious about my first day I could not sleep the night before.

The second day was much easier. School started a little later and that allowed me to catch on my sleep. But as I was worried about being late again, I left home at 8.00am. Surprisingly, I was one hour ahead of time for class. I decided to tour the campus. I toured block 73 which is where Munch (a food court) is located. I found a few more halal food stalls. And it was a great relieve. Being Muslim, I am only allowed to eat Halal food. Halal food refers to food that Muslims are allowed to eat or drink under Islamic Shariah Laws. Pork and lard is not permissible for Muslims to eat. After school, I went shopping for footwear. I bought a bright orange sandal with straps all over it. The shoes are so comfortable that I wish I had bough them earlier.

By Wednesday, I got hang of things.I live in Hougang and my commuter takes an hour. So, I have settled on taking the school’s shuttle bus and voila, I now reach school in 45 minutes. More sleeping time and less commute time.  I tried chicken cutlet from the Western stall for lunch. It was absolutely scrumptious. I topped off my lunch with a refreshing freshly blended mango juice.  I then made my way to block 83 for my biology lab lesson. I did an experiment on diffusion and osmosis. I got to wear a lab coat for the experiment and it was an amazing experience. As we ended class early, I decided to attend the CCA Fiesta and tour the booths of various CCAs. I am still considering whether I should sign up for a CCA. No doubt it will be a good learning  experience, I am unsure in whether I will be able to cope on top of all the assignments, presentation and assessments.

Thursday was a challenging day. I was sick and was sneezing all the time. On top of that, I still had to concentrate on the lesson even though I was sick. Thank goodness, lessons ended early. But instead of going home, I decided to attend the CCA Fiesta again. I know I should have gone home but I just could not help it. I wanted to catch the Silat ( a Malay martial art ) and fencing performances, which I did. The performance was enthralling and executed in a way that seemed graceful but also fierce in a way.

Friday was an early bird day. I had to reach school at 8am which meant I woke at 5+am. I had Sports & Wellness (S&W) first thing in the morning. I learnt the Chacha dance. Dance is totally not my thing. I don’t dance at all as I can’t seem to coordinate my steps properly. I somehow managed to get through the lesson but I bet that by the next lesson I will forget all the steps I have learnt. I then had personal development which is a class where students work on their personal progress. We finished class way ahead of schedule at about 12pm. As usual, I decided to tour the campus again. This time I went to the Engineering schools, all the way deep in. I had lunch at the canteen at block 4.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Anyways, have a good weekend and take care. Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Trying to find my footing

  1. Hi Fatma!

    Ha, it’s not TERRIBLY techie, setting up a blog, right? And you managed to do it anyway! Nothing is ever as bad or difficult as we think it will be….

    Heh, your first day sounds like an essay you’d write for English! But it’s these days that you’ll remember, right? Something you can tell your children and your grandchildren!

    It’s great that you’re taking the time to explore the campus, which is obviously waaaay bigger than your sec school. Most students tend to move between the library, and canteens and their classrooms, and I’m sure there are tonnes of students who actually spend their three years in NP without visiting a large section of the campus! Have you found a nice secret spot to chill at, or work at, yet?

    So you haven’t chosen a CCA yet? Take the opportunity to… reinvent yourself! You’re in a new school, with lots of new friends and classmates, so be open to trying new CCAs or experiences, and don’t be held back by what you *think* you are, or were, back in sec school. For instance I’m sure you’ll get the hang of chacha soon enough, and who knows you may even grow to love it! One of your PFP students was a band member back in sec school, but took up muay thai when she came here, and seems totally addicted to it now…

    Just throw yourself into campus life, while maintaining the balance with your studies and other responsibilities!

  2. I’m so sorry, Fatma. I definitely responded to this post, but somehow it didn’t go through?

    All the getting lost, etc, is part and parcel of coming to a new school, no? You probably had similar experiences when you first become a sec school student, though of course poly is MUCH larger place, with 15000 students!

    Glad you seem to be enjoying the food so far, go check ALL the canteens on campus and maybe give a review?

    If possible, try to involve yourself in campus activities, so long as it doesn’t interfere too much with your academic work. Life in your four years here will be that much more fulfilling and meaningful, I think. You’ll get out of the classroom, meet new people, and learn new skills, all of which can only be beneficial for your development as a student and a person. And this includes stuff like the cha cha! I’m sure you’re getting the hang of it, in time for your test this coming week, yes?

    It’s an enjoyable read, because you’ve packed details and perspectives in. Keep it up!

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