The end of the term is almost here. Well, in 2 weeks, to be honest. Things are getting more hectic. On Monday, we finally finished the Bio. After class finished, we did a worksheet. And since, there was some spare time, I tried to complete my Math homework. It was time for lunch after that and I was sooo hungry. I managed to pack Chicken Rice back to class and all of us ate lunch together and also gossiped.

Maths next. We started on matrices and it is a relatively new topic for me. I never covered such a topic before in secondary school. It seems pretty easy but when there are huge calculations to be done, I get mixed up and start making mistakes. After going through half of the chapter, we were told that we could use the time to do our previous homework or get started on some new work. I chose to finish the pending homework since I do not want to owe the teacher things. It also makes me feel bad especially when the teacher has been so nice. I managed to finish up quite a bit.

When I got home, it was late so I had dinner. My Mum was stuck at the restaurant since it was crowded and she got back home quite late. My brother and sister are really driving me mad. Since this week, my brother has gone to school like only on 2 days since there is nothing much to do in school after exams. My sister’s school starts late so she too sleeps late. Both of them sleep late and they really drive me mad because I cannot sleep due to all the noise they are making. I finally, finally fell asleep after 11+pm.

Tuesday I woke up late since school did not start till 10am. I reached school early anyway so I went to the printing shop to print out my Science practical worksheet. I still had another 20mins to spare so I checked my Facebook and email etc. For, behavioral science, we started on a new topic called ‘becoming human’ which focuses on the things that make us human. Like the actions we do, the way we socialize etc. I headed off to get lunch once class was over.

After lunch, I went to the watercooler with Pei Xian since we both were thirsty. The water that came out was actually milky. We threw away the water and tried again, this time there were actually white particles floating in it. So we threw the water away and went to the watercooler located on the below and finally managed to get clean water.

English was a relaxed lesson. We were assigned to fill up online some books that we wanted to read. While we did, our teacher called us out individually and discussed our essay with us.
After class, Pei Xian and I went to the school library and borrowed a book each. I borrowed: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. The story talks about a high-flying lawyer who thrives under pressure and how she works so hard because she wants to be a partner of her company. But the day before, she makes such a huge mistake that it might wreck all her chances. She actually did not register the new client’s firm with their bank and it caused the company to lose £50 million pounds. I have read a few chapters already and hope to complete the rest over the weekend.

Wednesday was an average day. We finished the whole chapter on matrices. I also managed to complete and submit the previous assignment and can now start on the matrices homework. For lunch, I decided to have biryani because it has been so long since I ate biryani. I ordered a plate of mutton biryani. I was a bit disappointed though. Although the rice had a pleasant aroma, it was a bit under seasoned. As for the mutton, it was tough. It could have been cooked longer and this would soften the texture. The gravy was nice as well as the salad that came with it.

It was Biology practical next. We played with the skeleton and observed the skin cells. I stopped at Balloon Maniacs on my way back which is located at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park. My brothers birthday is this Sunday while my Mum’s birthday is on Tuesday. I did not manage to find anything that both of them would like. I went to the locksmith after that to make my own set of house keys. I was exhausted when I got back home, so I took a short nap. After that, I went to visit Grandma at her place. I also had dinner there.

Thursday was a great day. For English, we did an group essay writing, where in groups of 5 each of us writes an individual paragraph then we pass on our paper to the other teammates to complete the story for us. My story was more of trying to take on a light, relaxed evening kind of mood but what my teammates made it was like a horror, nothing makes sense, terrifying and horrifying kind of mood. I laughed my butt off reading what had become but it was a great experience.

For lunch, I ate Chicken Murtabak. This dish is basically chicken chunks sandwiched between two layers of crispy dough. It was actually not bad. For behavioral sciences, we watched a documentary on Genie, the girl who had been isolated in a room for over a decade and when she came out she was basically unable to walk properly or even speak. I feel so bad for her. We tried to understand what isolation and socialization can do to people. We discussed our Little India field trip as well.

It is really coincidental/sad that the field trip is on 1 June, my brother’s birthday. Whereas, our English class field trip to Gardens By The Bay is on Tuesday, 3 June, my Mum’s birthday.

Today was the last day of the week. Since it was raining we were unable to go to Kismis park for rock climbing. We instead practised the different techniques of belaying indoors near the squash courts. It was then time for our open book test. It was a simple test and we had 2 hours to complete it. Once we had completed the test, we were allowed to leave. After class, I went to the restaurant. I worked for a few hours and left at 5pm. By the time, I reached home, it was 6pm. I was hungry so I had dinner.

I spent the rest of the evening with Grandma and only slept after 12mn. This morning I woke up late as well. Right now, I am going to get started on my homework.

Have a good weekend!



This week has been a really stressful week. There is so much to keep up with. I feel like I will go berserk.

Monday started off well. We covered a lot more in Biology (what else is new?). We did some preparatory work for our test on Wednesday. And on Monday, there was a very important function to attend which I could not attend. I felt a little bummed. Later on, I got to see all the pictures from the event and it made me feel a lot better. And as for Math, we started on simultaneous equations. I had studied this topic in secondary school so there was not much to cover. Almost like a revision again. Oh, and Wednesday there will be a math test too.

Tuesday was a late day. But in spite of this, I still overslept. I must have been really tired or something. My mum and I had breakfast together and we watched the TV drama which I have been obsessing about. This drama is not my mum’s favorite but she still watches anyway. On the way to school, I revised Biology for my test. I did not manage to cover much but hey, something is better than nothing!

Our behavioral science teacher is so sweet. My classmate sent him a text telling him how stressed we have been. So he decided to switch things up a bit and showed us a movie which is still somehow related to behavioral science. It is: BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. The movie shows how a Indian girl living inEngland has a passion for football. We go on to see the struggles she has being Indian, a girl etc. We try to study the discriminations against her and see what influences them.

In the afternoon, there was English. Oh, and we had to write a composition on whether organ sales should be legalized. Individually. I do not like this topic and it took me forever to finish up. I left school after 5pm and was stuck in peak hour traffic. On the way home, I got started on my behavioral sciences journal. When I got home, I was so tired that I could barely move. I somehow managed anyway. At around 11pm, my younger brother started asking for food as he was feeling hungry. Since everyone else was asleep, I made him some Maggi. And only went to sleep after he was done since I did not want to leave dirty dishes in the sink. So I washed the dishes that I used to make the Maggi. And the bowl and the spoon.

Wednesday was a disastrous day. There was test all the way. Math was sort of okay and Biology was the worst. I had planned to visit my secondary school on the way back home but since it was raining heavily,I just went back home instead. I knocked and knocked the door abut no one was opening. I thought of using my phone to call home and get someone to open the door but the battery had run out. I do not have my own house key as well. So, after 15 mins of waiting I just went to my grandma’s house.

There I found everyone had come to visit my grandma. As I was tired I just excused myself and went into the room to rest. In the evening, I read a cookbook called “the cupcake diaries” by Sophie Lamontagne and Katherine Berman who are sisters and owners of the world famous cupcakery called Georgetown Cupcake. I explored a few recipes and I think I might try making the Greek famous dessert called baklava, which is layers of phyllo pastry layered between a walnut filling. It is eaten with orange and honey syrup drizzled on top.

Thursday started off badly. I almost missed the shuttle bus. And since I have reached my mobile data limit, I cannot watch TV drama episodes in the morning now. Once the bus journey started, I set a timer for 20 mins and began to work on this post. The rest of the time I worked on my behavioral sciences reflective journal. The bus ride was the worst part. The driver played this really old music from the 80’s, I think because it had a lot screeching guitar sounds and singers screaming really badly and try to make the song sound cool and drum beats just goes on and on. It drove me crazy, to be honest.

The rest of the day went well. For English, we started off by playing Taboo. When it was my turn, only 3 words were guessed in that 1 minute. Then the rest of the time we wrote an essay. Thank goodness, I did not take 3 hours this time to write. I managed to get it done in under an hour and half.

For lunch, I decided to have prata so I bought one plain and one onion from the Indian stall at Makan Place. Instead of bringing my food back to the classroom, I ate at the food court. For behavioral science, we completed the whole movie on Bend it like Beckham. All of us were squiggly whenever there was drama and our teacher would pause. We then did our presentation on troubled stars and how congruent or incongruent is their ideal self.

I waited so long at the bus stop for the bus and I finally gave up so I took the next bus that goes to Hougang. I thought maybe I would alight at the next stop and change to the right service so that I would end up at home. But I missed the stop, so I had to alight at Hougang interchange and make my way home from there.

On Friday, I woke up extra early since I had to go to Kismis adventure park for my sports and wellness lesson. The venue was far away and so we were quite late for our next lesson. We learnt more about team dynamics and were told that there would be a test next lesson. We were quite shocked but when we found out that it was open book, we breathed a sigh of relief.

After school, I went to the restaurant since it was a Friday and my Grandad needed to go for Friday prayers. After he left, it got a bit crowded but thankfully, the staff helped me out too. Once my mum came and took over the counter, I went into the kitchen and made mee goreng for lunch. My recipe is a bit different though. Heat the oil, throw in a handful of onions, cabbage, bean sprouts and fry. Finally add in the noodles, tomato sauce and a pinch of salt and fry again. Voila! I like to garnish the dish with lots of chilli padi. After lunch, I went into the storeroom and kept the vegetables in the fridge since marketing had come the night before. I managed to clean up quite a bit and the store looked a lot better after that.

It was time to leave after that and I looked like I had just survived a tornado. My clothes were streaked with flour and dust. My mum and I went Mustafa to purchase some frozen items since we have a catering going on at the moment. The client is a regular customer and I have been doing up the menu for her when she orders food for the past few years.

When I went back home, I was really tired and fell asleep so easily. This morning, my hands were aching when I woke up. It might be due to the wall climbing I did yesterday. Hope my hands get better soon. I had breakfast with my brother and sister and mum.

I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Be kind to one another, goodbye!

Ufffhh, what a life!

Sunday was Mother’s Day. And as I had planned, I baked up a batch of vanilla biscuits and experimented a little bit. For some biscuits, I drizzled dark melted chocolate over it. And for some, I baked it with chocolate chips in them. I am ecstatic that my mum loved them. But she got to know what I made because my grandma told her everything.

It started off on Saturday morning, with my grandma looking for the biscuits I made. When she could not find it, she asked my mum if she had it seen it anywhere around. Both of them searched together, when they could not find it, they just assumed that I had burnt the biscuits and thrown away the whole batch. This eventually led my mum to question me and so I had to unravel the whole truth to her.

My little brother and sister gave my mum little cards. And as a joint venture, all three of us gave my mum lots of hugs and kisses.

Monday was an average day. We finished up till the 5th topic of Biology in time for our test next week. And as for Math, we started a new topic. The second part of the topic is a little alien to me because it is indices and I did not really like indices or focus much on indices in secondary school. After the school day finished, I went to the post office to mail out a few things to a few different addresses. I got home at 6.30pm and I was totally exhausted but I had homework to do so I pulled myself together and after a short break, I started with homework.

Tuesday was a good day. It was Vesak Day and I had the whole day off. So, I woke up late and I did my usual routine of having breakfast and watching TV dramas at the same time. I ironed my own clothes. Now, I have a new chore and that is to iron my own clothes. Previously, the maid would do it but I guess my mum wants me to do this so that I will not always rely on others. Everyone else had gone out so I had to sweep and mop the house. By the time I finished all the housework, it was time for lunch. I made a bowl of Maggie for myself.

After lunch, I did my schoolwork. I had to do an online Biology quiz, so I started off with that. Then I worked a little on my bucket list which I have to present on Thursday. Lastly, I put a few finishing touches on my behavioral sciences journal and then posted it on my school’s e-learning website. For the rest of the day, I hung out with my cousins. Overall, it was a good day and I could not have asked for more.

Wednesday started off on a good note. I had Math first and we had no lecture but we had to do a supplementary worksheet, which is fine for me. I broke for lunch at noon and had chicken cutlet rice for lunch. After lunch, it was lab session. We studied the onion root tip under the microscope. The microscope is still a challenge to me. My mum says I just need to be more patient, I guess she is right because I do tend to be very impatient at times.

I got home at 4pm and began to finish up my bucket list. Just as I was about to finish, my Mum came home and announced that she had to leave for Kuala Lumpur for some urgent work and that she would be back the next day. I helped her to put together a bag of things that she would need. This included her cosmetics, some tidbits and a blanket so she will not feel cold in the airport.

When we got to the airport, we found out that her flight had been delayed by an hour. So we bought some McDonalds and had dinner together. I bade her goodbye and my uncle drove me home. My brother and sister stayed overnight at my Grandma’s home. I could not sleep because it felt so strange. Normally, my brother and sister would sleep with me too. But that night just felt so lonely. So I kept checking for updates on the Internet on the flight. Atone point, I was so bored that I went to the kitchen and started scrubbing the utensils and cleaning the sink (I’m so weird sometimes). Later, I found out that the flight took off later than scheduled. I could not stay up forever since I had school the next day so I convinced myself saying it was only a matter of 10 hours.

I got up the next morning and again looked for flight updates. I found out that her return flight was due to took off soon and she would be back in Singapore within the next 1.5 hours. So I got ready for school and left after making breakfast for everyone. When I left home, I checked the Internet again and saw that her flight had already took off and would be reaching Singapore in half an hour. On the walk to the bus interchange, I watched the TV drama episode that had aired the night before. And on the bus, I worked a little on this post.

Surprisingly, I reached school early and to not exhaust myself early in the morning, I took the campus shuttle bus. I got off at the Science block and walked under the shelter before quickly crossing the road as it was raining. Since I was early, I called my mum on her hand phone and got to know that she had landed safe and sound. Ever since, MH370 has gone missing, I am even more worried when my family members travel abroad using the airplane.

My bucket list presentation went well, I suppose. I spoke longer this time and did not rush through like a tape recorder. Whenever I got nervous, I would like at my partner, Pei Xian who was beaming and it helped to calm me. Is that weird or what?!?!

I then had lunch. I was so famished even though I ate some cookies during class. I read the news after lunch and found out that there will not be any National Day songs this year. Instead, all of us will be singing old National Day songs. It is definitely sad but I do love old songs. They somehow feel more authentic.

I had behavioral sciences next. I was thrilled to find out that I did better than expected for my reflection journal. I learned about the id, ego and superego. I then tried to make sense of why people do certain things like drugs and alcohol and who they really want to be.

My group decided to study Demi Lovato. She is a singer and she has been through a lot like bulimia, anorexia, depression, self-mutilation, bullying and drugs. She came from a broken home. Her father passed away before she even got to know whether he was a nice man or not. From all this, I can decipher that she wanted to have a perfect family but she was not able to do so. She wanted to do things that gave her an escape from reality. But this was only temporary as the problems came back again. My teammates and I will do a little more research about her before doing a presentation next week.

Today was the worst day in the week. For the Sports and Wellness lesson, we did gym. I was happy to run on the treadmill. The worst part was the aerobics exercise. We had to choose between core and legs. So, majority chose core. The exercise was so tiring. There were crunches and lunges and jumping jacks and air cycling. By the time class ended,my muscles were so sore. I could not even go climb down the stairs. We were late by 20 mins for our next class because of our muscle problem and also we were a few blocks away.

We managed to finish class by 12 noon after which the whole class headed to Atrium together to get free ice cream. We stood in the queue but by 12.30pm we decided to leave without even having the ice cream. This is so because we needed to attend an orientation in the gym and our gym instructor sacrificed his lunch break to give us this orientation.

After the orientation, I went to the grocery store at block 5 where I happened to run into an old friend. It was funny though because I was looking through some. Birthday cards and he was standing there and kept saying “hey!” but I was not even looking up from the cards. When I finally looked up I realized he was calling out to me. I bought salted peanuts from the store. When I was younger, I loved salted peanuts a lot and it had been many years since I last ate them.

Right now, I am heading home. I had initially planned to visit my Mum at her restaurant but because my legs hurt so bad, I can’t even cross the overhead bridge to board the bus and there is no nearby crossing road. I have a test on Wednesday and I really, really need to study hard for the test.

I hope your weekend goes great. Bye!

A fun and tiring week

It is the third week of school. I have finally settled in to my new life as a polytechnic student. The alarm goes off at 6.30am if I have a 9am class. The past few weeks have been hectic! I guess it is part and parcel of every pre-university student’s life. I come home latest at 5pm most days. I freshen up and I either get started on homework or I play with my cousins. I have a few tests coming up but I can’t find time to study. There is always homework in between and me being adamant about having family time.

Monday was basically a good day. I had biology in the morning. We studied microscopy. To keep me going, I brought a packet of chocolate chip cookies.My biology tutor even dismissed us an hour early for our lunch. So, I ended up having 2 hours of lunch break. Totally fantastic!

I had Maths next. I am getting better at Maths. If I am having doubts about a question. I just ask my tutor. It only takes her to say a few lines about solving the question and next thing I know, I already know how to solve the question without her having to explain the whole thing. It is like as though she gives a boost of confidence every time I approach her.

Tuesday I started school late. So I slept in late. I started off the school day with behavioral science. I am starting to like this class. There is nothing more enthralling about learning about people around you. I have always been a people-observer. I like to observe people and their behavior patterns and their body language etc. That being said, I AM NOT A PERVERT!!!

I broke for lunch at noon. By then I was really famished. This time, I did not bring any food. At all. I packed Chicken Rice back to class. I made sure to get more chili sauce this time around. I had English next. We discussed about bucket list and organ trading. I have more or less decided about my bucket list. I am only nervous about how to present it.

Wednesday I started off with Maths. I studied about how to solve quadratic equations using graphs. It went okay-ish. I last studied this topic in secondary 3, so it was like a walk down memory lane for me. For lunch, I switched route. I had chicken cutlet for lunch. I think I might have been bored or something, so I ate my French Fries with my fork.

I had lab lesson next. We studied cheek cells. I scraped my own cheek cell, infused it with die and placed it onto a slide. I then observed it from under a microscope. I think I might have turned the focusing knob too much so I lost the view. I then used my teacher’s microscope to observe the cells. I could see it! I saw the nucleas and the cell membrane!

I came back home and got started on my homework. I did Maths followed by English. I have been brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day. For the past 2 years, I have been giving her handmade cards. This time I want to make things I little special. Something that she will like but it should not be too expensive. Hold on… Eureka! I will make her vanilla butter biscuits. I can do variations with the recipe. A few can be dark chocolate. A few can be chocolate chips. A few can also be cream cheese. How cool is that! One simple recipe made in 4 ways. Let me post the recipe first before I tell you more about my wonderful life (not!)

Thursday was a good day. I managed the watch the full episode of the drama. I worked a little on this post on the bus ride and the recipe as well. For English class, we talked a whole lot about essays. I FINALLY decided on my bucket list. I co-wrote the first paragraph about legalizing organ trade with my classmate. It took me so long to figure out what I wanted to write. And when I started writing, I could not stop. I finally, finally made it out of the classroom at 12:12pm for lunch. The queue was so long that I only started lunch at 12:32pm. Thank goodness, I finished lunch in time for my next class.

I had behavioral sciences next. We concluded the third topic on psychological theories of learning. I now know different theories that are involved with learning. E.g. Constructivism. My group mates and I did a presentation on what are the unacceptable and expected behaviors of Ngee Ann poly students. I worked on my behavioral sciences reflection journal on my way home. I like that I get to do this assignment in any setting as this allows me to observe and get enough substance for my reflection.

This morning, I was feeling a little sick, so I left home a little late. When I reached the interchange, I had missed the bus. So I was decided to take the train. From Hougang to Serangoon. At Serangoon ,I switched over to the circle line all the way to botanic garden. From there, I took the bus to school.

I was late for lesson but thank goodness, the teacher had not yet started with warm ups. We did a recap of what we learned in the previous class and then learnt a few new steps as well. We then practiced the entire routined and danced. Wow, I think we danced the same routine 25 times. My back is aching now

I had personal development class next. I learnt about time management. I really have no self control when it comes to time. I wish I was one of those who had a better sense of time.

I am on my way home now. I plan to bake the vanilla biscuits today since my mum is at work. I will bake the biscuits and hide it somewhere where she will not find it. I will only present it to her on Mother’s Day. Eeeekkk!!! I am so excited!!! Wish me luck for my baking adventure!

Take care and have a good weekend! 🙂

Vanilla butter biscuits

Recipe for vanilla butter biscuits (makes 24 biscuits)

250g unsalted butter
140g granulated sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3 tsp regular milk
300g sifted plain flour


1) preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Line 2 baking trays with parchment paper.

2) using a whisk or handheld mixer, cream butter and sugar together on medium speed for at least 3 to 5 mins. Creaming long enough, will create pockets of air in your biscuit which gives rise to a nice texture.

3) add egg yolk and vanilla and whisk until smooth. For about 2 minutes.

4) add milk and whisk until just incorporated. It is important to add milk if not your biscuits will be dry.

5) add flour and mix thoroughly. Make sure your mixer is on low speed if not all the flour will blow up in your face. Roll ball into circles and place onto baking sheet. Place each biscuits dough about 1.5 inches apart. Bake for 10-12 mins.


If you want chocolate chips, simply stick a few chocolate chips into the dough. Enforce it goes into the oven to bake.

If you want dark chocolate, melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over biscuits once it is baked. Allow to set and decorate with sprinkles if you want.

For cream cheese, add 75g of cream cheese and 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon powder. Don’t waste money buying cinnamon powder. It is expensive ( a 200g bottle costs a few dollars). Just take a cinnamon stick, crush it till fine and use the powder. Whisk it into batter, place on tray and bake.

Almost there…

May is officially here! Happy Belated Labour Day! I am so glad yesterday was a holiday. I really need a break from school. Although it has only been about two weeks since school started, I feel like I have already gone under two months worth of stuff. There is so much to keep up with that I feel like I am attending some sort of boot camp. This is TORTURE!!! But what can I do apart from whine? I just gotta bear this and go on and try to do my best because I want to make my Mum proud of me.

Everyday when I step foot into school I remind myself of the reason of why I came to Ngee Ann. It’s because I want to show the everyone that I am BRAVE enough to be myself and face the world even though no one may believe in me.

Anyways, moving on…

Monday marked the start of my second week in Ngee Ann. I had biology lesson first thing in the morning. OMG, that lesson was so fast paced. My tutor was going at a fire-rapid pace. From 9am to 12pm, she just kept jabbering on. She only stopped a little while to allow us a toilet break. I think we covered 3 lectures worth of stuff just in that 1 lecture. We ended class at 12pm and I then made my way to Munch as I was so famished. Sure enough, a long queue had already formed. But I managed to grab a plate of chicken cutlet rice and finish it in time for my next class.

Maths was okay for me. Not too great but I am keen on brushing up my Maths. Previously, in secondary school I never liked Maths. Most times, I would barely pass the subject. But somehow, miraculously, in my final year, I grew fond of Maths. I would whine whenever I had to miss Maths class because a public holiday would fall on the same day as Maths class whereas everyone else would be ecstatic. After my ‘N’ level exams, I did not touch my textbooks until recently. Now, I dread Maths. I know my laziness is the cause of this. But I am not going to give up so easily. I will make myself love Maths again.

On Tuesday, I took public transport to school since school started late. I was early by about 40 minutes so I decided to have something to munch first so that I would not feel hungry in class so I bought a sardine curry puff from Old Chang Kee.

The curry puff was piping hot and it took me forever to finish it up because I wanted to savor every bite. One thing I like about the curry puff is that it is baked unlike most curry puffs that are deep fried. This is good as it cut downs the calories present in it tremendously. You can really taste the crisp crust. The curry puff is filled with succulent chunks of sardine that is just the right amount of spicy.

I had behavioral sciences and I learned about sociology and how do sociologists derive at conclusions and what are the steps leading up before a conclusion is formed. I broke for lunch at noon. Instead of heading to Munch, I decided to eat pratas from the Indian food stall at Makan Place. However, something else caught my attention and I decided to change my plans. I saw a Muslim food stall selling chicken rice. I decided to have honey barbecue chicken rice for lunch after all. I got my food packed, bought some fruits and headed back to class to eat my lunch. Lunch was nice but I do wish that the stall would have given more chilling sauce. It did not taste spicy enough. I love spicy food. The more spicy the dish is, the better it will taste (according to me).

I had English class next. We did a show and tell session. I spoke about my last birthday and how I celebrated it. Unfortunately though, I was not well prepared and did not have enough things to talk about. I was too nervous and just wanted to end things as fast as I could. I did not make enough eye contact too.

Wednesday was a better day. We were told to do a tutorial worksheet for Maths. Although it did take a longer time than usual because I kept talking to my friends. Still, I managed to to complete most of the questions and will complete the last few at home. The whole class decided to have lunch together and together we set off to Munch. As it was crowded at Munch,it took a while before we managed to find seats for all of us.

We headed for our lab lesson. And we used microscopes to examine various slides of cells. The difficult part was drawing out whatever we had seen. We then played around with the human torso and examined the different organs.

We did end class a little late. When we left class, we all squeezed into one elevator. That’s right! All 15 of us and our tutor. Thank goodness, the lift did not break down. I decided to sleep late since the next day was a public holiday.


I started my day off by waking up late (as usual). I did nothing but watch videos for the next hour. I cleared my room out because my mum has ordered new furniture for my room. I am so excited! I have not seen yet what she has ordered but I am sure it will be nice. My mum and I have very similar tastes. I can’t wait till tomorrow when the furniture arrives. I helped my mum cook lunch. Ok, well she cooked and I helped her taste the salt. It was not spicy enough so I added in a few more chili padi (bird’s eye chili). In the afternoon, I went over to meet my cousin. And I spent my time doing my homework at her house.

Today is the last day of the week (TGIF!). I woke at 5.45am so that I could reach school on time for my first class. I am going to have my dance class now. Thank goodness, the lesson is in an air conditioned room because it is blazing hot outside. Dance lesson was fun actually. I learnt a few more steps and had no trouble incorporating the new steps into the dance routine. Yay! In personal development, I learnt that one must be forgiving, caring and kind to others. Unless you do not have these qualities in you no one will want to be close to you.

I am now heading back home. I have tons of work to do. I hope to get through with it. 

Have a good weekend ahead and be kind to one another. Bye!