Almost there…

May is officially here! Happy Belated Labour Day! I am so glad yesterday was a holiday. I really need a break from school. Although it has only been about two weeks since school started, I feel like I have already gone under two months worth of stuff. There is so much to keep up with that I feel like I am attending some sort of boot camp. This is TORTURE!!! But what can I do apart from whine? I just gotta bear this and go on and try to do my best because I want to make my Mum proud of me.

Everyday when I step foot into school I remind myself of the reason of why I came to Ngee Ann. It’s because I want to show the everyone that I am BRAVE enough to be myself and face the world even though no one may believe in me.

Anyways, moving on…

Monday marked the start of my second week in Ngee Ann. I had biology lesson first thing in the morning. OMG, that lesson was so fast paced. My tutor was going at a fire-rapid pace. From 9am to 12pm, she just kept jabbering on. She only stopped a little while to allow us a toilet break. I think we covered 3 lectures worth of stuff just in that 1 lecture. We ended class at 12pm and I then made my way to Munch as I was so famished. Sure enough, a long queue had already formed. But I managed to grab a plate of chicken cutlet rice and finish it in time for my next class.

Maths was okay for me. Not too great but I am keen on brushing up my Maths. Previously, in secondary school I never liked Maths. Most times, I would barely pass the subject. But somehow, miraculously, in my final year, I grew fond of Maths. I would whine whenever I had to miss Maths class because a public holiday would fall on the same day as Maths class whereas everyone else would be ecstatic. After my ‘N’ level exams, I did not touch my textbooks until recently. Now, I dread Maths. I know my laziness is the cause of this. But I am not going to give up so easily. I will make myself love Maths again.

On Tuesday, I took public transport to school since school started late. I was early by about 40 minutes so I decided to have something to munch first so that I would not feel hungry in class so I bought a sardine curry puff from Old Chang Kee.

The curry puff was piping hot and it took me forever to finish it up because I wanted to savor every bite. One thing I like about the curry puff is that it is baked unlike most curry puffs that are deep fried. This is good as it cut downs the calories present in it tremendously. You can really taste the crisp crust. The curry puff is filled with succulent chunks of sardine that is just the right amount of spicy.

I had behavioral sciences and I learned about sociology and how do sociologists derive at conclusions and what are the steps leading up before a conclusion is formed. I broke for lunch at noon. Instead of heading to Munch, I decided to eat pratas from the Indian food stall at Makan Place. However, something else caught my attention and I decided to change my plans. I saw a Muslim food stall selling chicken rice. I decided to have honey barbecue chicken rice for lunch after all. I got my food packed, bought some fruits and headed back to class to eat my lunch. Lunch was nice but I do wish that the stall would have given more chilling sauce. It did not taste spicy enough. I love spicy food. The more spicy the dish is, the better it will taste (according to me).

I had English class next. We did a show and tell session. I spoke about my last birthday and how I celebrated it. Unfortunately though, I was not well prepared and did not have enough things to talk about. I was too nervous and just wanted to end things as fast as I could. I did not make enough eye contact too.

Wednesday was a better day. We were told to do a tutorial worksheet for Maths. Although it did take a longer time than usual because I kept talking to my friends. Still, I managed to to complete most of the questions and will complete the last few at home. The whole class decided to have lunch together and together we set off to Munch. As it was crowded at Munch,it took a while before we managed to find seats for all of us.

We headed for our lab lesson. And we used microscopes to examine various slides of cells. The difficult part was drawing out whatever we had seen. We then played around with the human torso and examined the different organs.

We did end class a little late. When we left class, we all squeezed into one elevator. That’s right! All 15 of us and our tutor. Thank goodness, the lift did not break down. I decided to sleep late since the next day was a public holiday.


I started my day off by waking up late (as usual). I did nothing but watch videos for the next hour. I cleared my room out because my mum has ordered new furniture for my room. I am so excited! I have not seen yet what she has ordered but I am sure it will be nice. My mum and I have very similar tastes. I can’t wait till tomorrow when the furniture arrives. I helped my mum cook lunch. Ok, well she cooked and I helped her taste the salt. It was not spicy enough so I added in a few more chili padi (bird’s eye chili). In the afternoon, I went over to meet my cousin. And I spent my time doing my homework at her house.

Today is the last day of the week (TGIF!). I woke at 5.45am so that I could reach school on time for my first class. I am going to have my dance class now. Thank goodness, the lesson is in an air conditioned room because it is blazing hot outside. Dance lesson was fun actually. I learnt a few more steps and had no trouble incorporating the new steps into the dance routine. Yay! In personal development, I learnt that one must be forgiving, caring and kind to others. Unless you do not have these qualities in you no one will want to be close to you.

I am now heading back home. I have tons of work to do. I hope to get through with it. 

Have a good weekend ahead and be kind to one another. Bye!


One thought on “Almost there…

  1. Ha, sure enjoy your breaks – but be aware there’s a lot more to learn and do in school, so be prepared!

    It’s great that you have a clear motivation for wanting to do well in school, both for your mum, and yourself. Keep that mind as the assignments pile up, and the stress too.

    heh, everyone’s been complaining about bio and math. it’ll always take getting used to, but as you noted, you’ve done it once before, so i’m sure you can yes, grow to love math once more! (and maybe bio as well?) – make sure you check in with your tutors if you need help, most are quite willing to help and provide extra consultations!

    yes, you have to make sure you are adequately prepared for the oral presentation in week 4. structure and practice your speech! think about how to engage the audience (what would YOU want to hear, if you were an audience member listening to your own speech? HOW would you want the presenter to interact with you?)

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