A fun and tiring week

It is the third week of school. I have finally settled in to my new life as a polytechnic student. The alarm goes off at 6.30am if I have a 9am class. The past few weeks have been hectic! I guess it is part and parcel of every pre-university student’s life. I come home latest at 5pm most days. I freshen up and I either get started on homework or I play with my cousins. I have a few tests coming up but I can’t find time to study. There is always homework in between and me being adamant about having family time.

Monday was basically a good day. I had biology in the morning. We studied microscopy. To keep me going, I brought a packet of chocolate chip cookies.My biology tutor even dismissed us an hour early for our lunch. So, I ended up having 2 hours of lunch break. Totally fantastic!

I had Maths next. I am getting better at Maths. If I am having doubts about a question. I just ask my tutor. It only takes her to say a few lines about solving the question and next thing I know, I already know how to solve the question without her having to explain the whole thing. It is like as though she gives a boost of confidence every time I approach her.

Tuesday I started school late. So I slept in late. I started off the school day with behavioral science. I am starting to like this class. There is nothing more enthralling about learning about people around you. I have always been a people-observer. I like to observe people and their behavior patterns and their body language etc. That being said, I AM NOT A PERVERT!!!

I broke for lunch at noon. By then I was really famished. This time, I did not bring any food. At all. I packed Chicken Rice back to class. I made sure to get more chili sauce this time around. I had English next. We discussed about bucket list and organ trading. I have more or less decided about my bucket list. I am only nervous about how to present it.

Wednesday I started off with Maths. I studied about how to solve quadratic equations using graphs. It went okay-ish. I last studied this topic in secondary 3, so it was like a walk down memory lane for me. For lunch, I switched route. I had chicken cutlet for lunch. I think I might have been bored or something, so I ate my French Fries with my fork.

I had lab lesson next. We studied cheek cells. I scraped my own cheek cell, infused it with die and placed it onto a slide. I then observed it from under a microscope. I think I might have turned the focusing knob too much so I lost the view. I then used my teacher’s microscope to observe the cells. I could see it! I saw the nucleas and the cell membrane!

I came back home and got started on my homework. I did Maths followed by English. I have been brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day. For the past 2 years, I have been giving her handmade cards. This time I want to make things I little special. Something that she will like but it should not be too expensive. Hold on… Eureka! I will make her vanilla butter biscuits. I can do variations with the recipe. A few can be dark chocolate. A few can be chocolate chips. A few can also be cream cheese. How cool is that! One simple recipe made in 4 ways. Let me post the recipe first before I tell you more about my wonderful life (not!)

Thursday was a good day. I managed the watch the full episode of the drama. I worked a little on this post on the bus ride and the recipe as well. For English class, we talked a whole lot about essays. I FINALLY decided on my bucket list. I co-wrote the first paragraph about legalizing organ trade with my classmate. It took me so long to figure out what I wanted to write. And when I started writing, I could not stop. I finally, finally made it out of the classroom at 12:12pm for lunch. The queue was so long that I only started lunch at 12:32pm. Thank goodness, I finished lunch in time for my next class.

I had behavioral sciences next. We concluded the third topic on psychological theories of learning. I now know different theories that are involved with learning. E.g. Constructivism. My group mates and I did a presentation on what are the unacceptable and expected behaviors of Ngee Ann poly students. I worked on my behavioral sciences reflection journal on my way home. I like that I get to do this assignment in any setting as this allows me to observe and get enough substance for my reflection.

This morning, I was feeling a little sick, so I left home a little late. When I reached the interchange, I had missed the bus. So I was decided to take the train. From Hougang to Serangoon. At Serangoon ,I switched over to the circle line all the way to botanic garden. From there, I took the bus to school.

I was late for lesson but thank goodness, the teacher had not yet started with warm ups. We did a recap of what we learned in the previous class and then learnt a few new steps as well. We then practiced the entire routined and danced. Wow, I think we danced the same routine 25 times. My back is aching now

I had personal development class next. I learnt about time management. I really have no self control when it comes to time. I wish I was one of those who had a better sense of time.

I am on my way home now. I plan to bake the vanilla biscuits today since my mum is at work. I will bake the biscuits and hide it somewhere where she will not find it. I will only present it to her on Mother’s Day. Eeeekkk!!! I am so excited!!! Wish me luck for my baking adventure!

Take care and have a good weekend! šŸ™‚


One thought on “A fun and tiring week

  1. Ha, seems you had a full week. Great that you’re getting used to the rhythms of being in NP, and you seem to be managing lessons and such, well. It also appears you’re on top of things where studies are concerned, so good for you!

    I also think it’s great that despite your schedule, you’re still adamant about wanting to have quality family time. It’s really quite important, and I’m glad that you’re putting family near the top of your priorities!

    recipe sounds fun and easy to make. Am sure yours went well, and that your mum loved it! bring some for the class!!

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