Ufffhh, what a life!

Sunday was Mother’s Day. And as I had planned, I baked up a batch of vanilla biscuits and experimented a little bit. For some biscuits, I drizzled dark melted chocolate over it. And for some, I baked it with chocolate chips in them. I am ecstatic that my mum loved them. But she got to know what I made because my grandma told her everything.

It started off on Saturday morning, with my grandma looking for the biscuits I made. When she could not find it, she asked my mum if she had it seen it anywhere around. Both of them searched together, when they could not find it, they just assumed that I had burnt the biscuits and thrown away the whole batch. This eventually led my mum to question me and so I had to unravel the whole truth to her.

My little brother and sister gave my mum little cards. And as a joint venture, all three of us gave my mum lots of hugs and kisses.

Monday was an average day. We finished up till the 5th topic of Biology in time for our test next week. And as for Math, we started a new topic. The second part of the topic is a little alien to me because it is indices and I did not really like indices or focus much on indices in secondary school. After the school day finished, I went to the post office to mail out a few things to a few different addresses. I got home at 6.30pm and I was totally exhausted but I had homework to do so I pulled myself together and after a short break, I started with homework.

Tuesday was a good day. It was Vesak Day and I had the whole day off. So, I woke up late and I did my usual routine of having breakfast and watching TV dramas at the same time. I ironed my own clothes. Now, I have a new chore and that is to iron my own clothes. Previously, the maid would do it but I guess my mum wants me to do this so that I will not always rely on others. Everyone else had gone out so I had to sweep and mop the house. By the time I finished all the housework, it was time for lunch. I made a bowl of Maggie for myself.

After lunch, I did my schoolwork. I had to do an online Biology quiz, so I started off with that. Then I worked a little on my bucket list which I have to present on Thursday. Lastly, I put a few finishing touches on my behavioral sciences journal and then posted it on my school’s e-learning website. For the rest of the day, I hung out with my cousins. Overall, it was a good day and I could not have asked for more.

Wednesday started off on a good note. I had Math first and we had no lecture but we had to do a supplementary worksheet, which is fine for me. I broke for lunch at noon and had chicken cutlet rice for lunch. After lunch, it was lab session. We studied the onion root tip under the microscope. The microscope is still a challenge to me. My mum says I just need to be more patient, I guess she is right because I do tend to be very impatient at times.

I got home at 4pm and began to finish up my bucket list. Just as I was about to finish, my Mum came home and announced that she had to leave for Kuala Lumpur for some urgent work and that she would be back the next day. I helped her to put together a bag of things that she would need. This included her cosmetics, some tidbits and a blanket so she will not feel cold in the airport.

When we got to the airport, we found out that her flight had been delayed by an hour. So we bought some McDonalds and had dinner together. I bade her goodbye and my uncle drove me home. My brother and sister stayed overnight at my Grandma’s home. I could not sleep because it felt so strange. Normally, my brother and sister would sleep with me too. But that night just felt so lonely. So I kept checking for updates on the Internet on the flight. Atone point, I was so bored that I went to the kitchen and started scrubbing the utensils and cleaning the sink (I’m so weird sometimes). Later, I found out that the flight took off later than scheduled. I could not stay up forever since I had school the next day so I convinced myself saying it was only a matter of 10 hours.

I got up the next morning and again looked for flight updates. I found out that her return flight was due to took off soon and she would be back in Singapore within the next 1.5 hours. So I got ready for school and left after making breakfast for everyone. When I left home, I checked the Internet again and saw that her flight had already took off and would be reaching Singapore in half an hour. On the walk to the bus interchange, I watched the TV drama episode that had aired the night before. And on the bus, I worked a little on this post.

Surprisingly, I reached school early and to not exhaust myself early in the morning, I took the campus shuttle bus. I got off at the Science block and walked under the shelter before quickly crossing the road as it was raining. Since I was early, I called my mum on her hand phone and got to know that she had landed safe and sound. Ever since, MH370 has gone missing, I am even more worried when my family members travel abroad using the airplane.

My bucket list presentation went well, I suppose. I spoke longer this time and did not rush through like a tape recorder. Whenever I got nervous, I would like at my partner, Pei Xian who was beaming and it helped to calm me. Is that weird or what?!?!

I then had lunch. I was so famished even though I ate some cookies during class. I read the news after lunch and found out that there will not be any National Day songs this year. Instead, all of us will be singing old National Day songs. It is definitely sad but I do love old songs. They somehow feel more authentic.

I had behavioral sciences next. I was thrilled to find out that I did better than expected for my reflection journal. I learned about the id, ego and superego. I then tried to make sense of why people do certain things like drugs and alcohol and who they really want to be.

My group decided to study Demi Lovato. She is a singer and she has been through a lot like bulimia, anorexia, depression, self-mutilation, bullying and drugs. She came from a broken home. Her father passed away before she even got to know whether he was a nice man or not. From all this, I can decipher that she wanted to have a perfect family but she was not able to do so. She wanted to do things that gave her an escape from reality. But this was only temporary as the problems came back again. My teammates and I will do a little more research about her before doing a presentation next week.

Today was the worst day in the week. For the Sports and Wellness lesson, we did gym. I was happy to run on the treadmill. The worst part was the aerobics exercise. We had to choose between core and legs. So, majority chose core. The exercise was so tiring. There were crunches and lunges and jumping jacks and air cycling. By the time class ended,my muscles were so sore. I could not even go climb down the stairs. We were late by 20 mins for our next class because of our muscle problem and also we were a few blocks away.

We managed to finish class by 12 noon after which the whole class headed to Atrium together to get free ice cream. We stood in the queue but by 12.30pm we decided to leave without even having the ice cream. This is so because we needed to attend an orientation in the gym and our gym instructor sacrificed his lunch break to give us this orientation.

After the orientation, I went to the grocery store at block 5 where I happened to run into an old friend. It was funny though because I was looking through some. Birthday cards and he was standing there and kept saying “hey!” but I was not even looking up from the cards. When I finally looked up I realized he was calling out to me. I bought salted peanuts from the store. When I was younger, I loved salted peanuts a lot and it had been many years since I last ate them.

Right now, I am heading home. I had initially planned to visit my Mum at her restaurant but because my legs hurt so bad, I can’t even cross the overhead bridge to board the bus and there is no nearby crossing road. I have a test on Wednesday and I really, really need to study hard for the test.

I hope your weekend goes great. Bye!


One thought on “Ufffhh, what a life!

  1. Whew

    your blog always makes it sound like you have such packed days and weeks! It’s good though, that you’re covering your life in such detail – as mentioned before, it would be great to be able to look back on your time in poly, and beyond (if you’re continuing this blog after you graduate) in 10, 20, 30 years’ time, and reminisce about these moments. All too often we forget the small things and our lives are marked by the ‘big’ ones like tests and weddings and jobs etc – when it’s seemingly small moments like baking cookies for your mum, that matter just as much, if not more!

    It’s good to know you’re settling in great, – and also that you’re doing your own chores! Love that your mum is getting you to start early. These are invaluable skills for anyone, and it’s always good to take responsibility for yourself. You have to do that, before you can start taking responsibility for others, as when you do groupwork, or are a senior looking after your juniors, or when you’re a boss, or a parent!

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