This week has been a really stressful week. There is so much to keep up with. I feel like I will go berserk.

Monday started off well. We covered a lot more in Biology (what else is new?). We did some preparatory work for our test on Wednesday. And on Monday, there was a very important function to attend which I could not attend. I felt a little bummed. Later on, I got to see all the pictures from the event and it made me feel a lot better. And as for Math, we started on simultaneous equations. I had studied this topic in secondary school so there was not much to cover. Almost like a revision again. Oh, and Wednesday there will be a math test too.

Tuesday was a late day. But in spite of this, I still overslept. I must have been really tired or something. My mum and I had breakfast together and we watched the TV drama which I have been obsessing about. This drama is not my mum’s favorite but she still watches anyway. On the way to school, I revised Biology for my test. I did not manage to cover much but hey, something is better than nothing!

Our behavioral science teacher is so sweet. My classmate sent him a text telling him how stressed we have been. So he decided to switch things up a bit and showed us a movie which is still somehow related to behavioral science. It is: BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. The movie shows how a Indian girl living inEngland has a passion for football. We go on to see the struggles she has being Indian, a girl etc. We try to study the discriminations against her and see what influences them.

In the afternoon, there was English. Oh, and we had to write a composition on whether organ sales should be legalized. Individually. I do not like this topic and it took me forever to finish up. I left school after 5pm and was stuck in peak hour traffic. On the way home, I got started on my behavioral sciences journal. When I got home, I was so tired that I could barely move. I somehow managed anyway. At around 11pm, my younger brother started asking for food as he was feeling hungry. Since everyone else was asleep, I made him some Maggi. And only went to sleep after he was done since I did not want to leave dirty dishes in the sink. So I washed the dishes that I used to make the Maggi. And the bowl and the spoon.

Wednesday was a disastrous day. There was test all the way. Math was sort of okay and Biology was the worst. I had planned to visit my secondary school on the way back home but since it was raining heavily,I just went back home instead. I knocked and knocked the door abut no one was opening. I thought of using my phone to call home and get someone to open the door but the battery had run out. I do not have my own house key as well. So, after 15 mins of waiting I just went to my grandma’s house.

There I found everyone had come to visit my grandma. As I was tired I just excused myself and went into the room to rest. In the evening, I read a cookbook called “the cupcake diaries” by Sophie Lamontagne and Katherine Berman who are sisters and owners of the world famous cupcakery called Georgetown Cupcake. I explored a few recipes and I think I might try making the Greek famous dessert called baklava, which is layers of phyllo pastry layered between a walnut filling. It is eaten with orange and honey syrup drizzled on top.

Thursday started off badly. I almost missed the shuttle bus. And since I have reached my mobile data limit, I cannot watch TV drama episodes in the morning now. Once the bus journey started, I set a timer for 20 mins and began to work on this post. The rest of the time I worked on my behavioral sciences reflective journal. The bus ride was the worst part. The driver played this really old music from the 80’s, I think because it had a lot screeching guitar sounds and singers screaming really badly and try to make the song sound cool and drum beats just goes on and on. It drove me crazy, to be honest.

The rest of the day went well. For English, we started off by playing Taboo. When it was my turn, only 3 words were guessed in that 1 minute. Then the rest of the time we wrote an essay. Thank goodness, I did not take 3 hours this time to write. I managed to get it done in under an hour and half.

For lunch, I decided to have prata so I bought one plain and one onion from the Indian stall at Makan Place. Instead of bringing my food back to the classroom, I ate at the food court. For behavioral science, we completed the whole movie on Bend it like Beckham. All of us were squiggly whenever there was drama and our teacher would pause. We then did our presentation on troubled stars and how congruent or incongruent is their ideal self.

I waited so long at the bus stop for the bus and I finally gave up so I took the next bus that goes to Hougang. I thought maybe I would alight at the next stop and change to the right service so that I would end up at home. But I missed the stop, so I had to alight at Hougang interchange and make my way home from there.

On Friday, I woke up extra early since I had to go to Kismis adventure park for my sports and wellness lesson. The venue was far away and so we were quite late for our next lesson. We learnt more about team dynamics and were told that there would be a test next lesson. We were quite shocked but when we found out that it was open book, we breathed a sigh of relief.

After school, I went to the restaurant since it was a Friday and my Grandad needed to go for Friday prayers. After he left, it got a bit crowded but thankfully, the staff helped me out too. Once my mum came and took over the counter, I went into the kitchen and made mee goreng for lunch. My recipe is a bit different though. Heat the oil, throw in a handful of onions, cabbage, bean sprouts and fry. Finally add in the noodles, tomato sauce and a pinch of salt and fry again. Voila! I like to garnish the dish with lots of chilli padi. After lunch, I went into the storeroom and kept the vegetables in the fridge since marketing had come the night before. I managed to clean up quite a bit and the store looked a lot better after that.

It was time to leave after that and I looked like I had just survived a tornado. My clothes were streaked with flour and dust. My mum and I went Mustafa to purchase some frozen items since we have a catering going on at the moment. The client is a regular customer and I have been doing up the menu for her when she orders food for the past few years.

When I went back home, I was really tired and fell asleep so easily. This morning, my hands were aching when I woke up. It might be due to the wall climbing I did yesterday. Hope my hands get better soon. I had breakfast with my brother and sister and mum.

I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Be kind to one another, goodbye!


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  1. well the good news is… the break is coming! I assume you’ll probably be helping your mum during the hols? But that at least you’ll get more sleep, and can forget about academics for a while?

    I think the movie is one of Keira Knightley’s first as an actress, or at least, the first where she’s the lead. Strange to see how she’s changed and gotten so famous since then! It’s a great idea to watch a movie as part of a course – I’ll have to check and see if i have anything that goes with bridging english!

    Love to read about how you take care of your siblings, and are involved and feel responsible for them, as well as your mum and family, and of course, the restaurant. Lots of young people in this day and age tend to take a lot of things for granted, and it’s great to see someone who’s right in the thick of things and not afraid to get her hands dirty.

    It’s ALSO great that your mobile data plan has maxed now – now, you can READ on the bus!!

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