The end of the term is almost here. Well, in 2 weeks, to be honest. Things are getting more hectic. On Monday, we finally finished the Bio. After class finished, we did a worksheet. And since, there was some spare time, I tried to complete my Math homework. It was time for lunch after that and I was sooo hungry. I managed to pack Chicken Rice back to class and all of us ate lunch together and also gossiped.

Maths next. We started on matrices and it is a relatively new topic for me. I never covered such a topic before in secondary school. It seems pretty easy but when there are huge calculations to be done, I get mixed up and start making mistakes. After going through half of the chapter, we were told that we could use the time to do our previous homework or get started on some new work. I chose to finish the pending homework since I do not want to owe the teacher things. It also makes me feel bad especially when the teacher has been so nice. I managed to finish up quite a bit.

When I got home, it was late so I had dinner. My Mum was stuck at the restaurant since it was crowded and she got back home quite late. My brother and sister are really driving me mad. Since this week, my brother has gone to school like only on 2 days since there is nothing much to do in school after exams. My sister’s school starts late so she too sleeps late. Both of them sleep late and they really drive me mad because I cannot sleep due to all the noise they are making. I finally, finally fell asleep after 11+pm.

Tuesday I woke up late since school did not start till 10am. I reached school early anyway so I went to the printing shop to print out my Science practical worksheet. I still had another 20mins to spare so I checked my Facebook and email etc. For, behavioral science, we started on a new topic called ‘becoming human’ which focuses on the things that make us human. Like the actions we do, the way we socialize etc. I headed off to get lunch once class was over.

After lunch, I went to the watercooler with Pei Xian since we both were thirsty. The water that came out was actually milky. We threw away the water and tried again, this time there were actually white particles floating in it. So we threw the water away and went to the watercooler located on the below and finally managed to get clean water.

English was a relaxed lesson. We were assigned to fill up online some books that we wanted to read. While we did, our teacher called us out individually and discussed our essay with us.
After class, Pei Xian and I went to the school library and borrowed a book each. I borrowed: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. The story talks about a high-flying lawyer who thrives under pressure and how she works so hard because she wants to be a partner of her company. But the day before, she makes such a huge mistake that it might wreck all her chances. She actually did not register the new client’s firm with their bank and it caused the company to lose £50 million pounds. I have read a few chapters already and hope to complete the rest over the weekend.

Wednesday was an average day. We finished the whole chapter on matrices. I also managed to complete and submit the previous assignment and can now start on the matrices homework. For lunch, I decided to have biryani because it has been so long since I ate biryani. I ordered a plate of mutton biryani. I was a bit disappointed though. Although the rice had a pleasant aroma, it was a bit under seasoned. As for the mutton, it was tough. It could have been cooked longer and this would soften the texture. The gravy was nice as well as the salad that came with it.

It was Biology practical next. We played with the skeleton and observed the skin cells. I stopped at Balloon Maniacs on my way back which is located at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park. My brothers birthday is this Sunday while my Mum’s birthday is on Tuesday. I did not manage to find anything that both of them would like. I went to the locksmith after that to make my own set of house keys. I was exhausted when I got back home, so I took a short nap. After that, I went to visit Grandma at her place. I also had dinner there.

Thursday was a great day. For English, we did an group essay writing, where in groups of 5 each of us writes an individual paragraph then we pass on our paper to the other teammates to complete the story for us. My story was more of trying to take on a light, relaxed evening kind of mood but what my teammates made it was like a horror, nothing makes sense, terrifying and horrifying kind of mood. I laughed my butt off reading what had become but it was a great experience.

For lunch, I ate Chicken Murtabak. This dish is basically chicken chunks sandwiched between two layers of crispy dough. It was actually not bad. For behavioral sciences, we watched a documentary on Genie, the girl who had been isolated in a room for over a decade and when she came out she was basically unable to walk properly or even speak. I feel so bad for her. We tried to understand what isolation and socialization can do to people. We discussed our Little India field trip as well.

It is really coincidental/sad that the field trip is on 1 June, my brother’s birthday. Whereas, our English class field trip to Gardens By The Bay is on Tuesday, 3 June, my Mum’s birthday.

Today was the last day of the week. Since it was raining we were unable to go to Kismis park for rock climbing. We instead practised the different techniques of belaying indoors near the squash courts. It was then time for our open book test. It was a simple test and we had 2 hours to complete it. Once we had completed the test, we were allowed to leave. After class, I went to the restaurant. I worked for a few hours and left at 5pm. By the time, I reached home, it was 6pm. I was hungry so I had dinner.

I spent the rest of the evening with Grandma and only slept after 12mn. This morning I woke up late as well. Right now, I am going to get started on my homework.

Have a good weekend!



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