And we approach the holidays soon

It is the last week of school before common tests start next week. I am worried about the tests but the great news is that I only have Bio and Math test and after I am free!!!

Monday started off well. We mostly did revision. And had a Bio competition. In groups of 5, we were supposed to guess the answers to Bio questions. After Bio, lunch next. During lunch, all of us talked about the Little India field trip that happened the day before. We had to interview foreign workers during the trip about their life in Singapore and find out how Serangoon Road has changed after the riot. It was intimidating at first but slowly, we just forgot and were more focused on doing as many interviews as possible.

Maths was a breeze. I finally finished up my tutorial worksheet. And then got started on the new revision worksheets. When I got back, it was almost time for dinner. So, after a short rest, I had dinner. My mum left at around 9pm to go over to Grandma’s as some guests had come to visit. Since Mum, my brother and sister went over, I used the time to do some studying. I managed to cover 2 topics of Bio.

It was almost midnight when Mum returned. I stayed up for her till she returned. The next morning, was Mum’s birthday. I almost forgot till I looked at the messages that were coming in for my Mum. I quickly wished her then. I had behavioral sciences first. Then all of us left school, some stocked together while others went in separate directions. I went over to the restaurant since my Mum and Uncle were not around. I helped out for 2 hours before I left for the Gardens by the Bay field trip. On the way to the MRT, I was stopped by a young lady asked me if I was willing to write an inspiring message to the folks at Susco home. Since I had time to spare, I thought ‘Why Not?’. I wrote, ” Stay strong. BE BRAVE and let nothing get in your way!”

I got to Bayfront earlier than expected so I took the time to walk around the Shoppes since I had never been there before. Seeing all those big designer names, I was hyperventilating. I mean, I have only seen their products on the net but now to be able to see those products up close, was surreal. There was Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel, Guess, Raoul, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Burberry etc.

Wednesday was an easy day. I only had Math class. Once school finished, I headed home and brought the maid for medical check-up. I then spent the next two hours doing research for my in-class writing assignment for Behavioral Sciences. I spent the evening with my cousins. I wanted to sleep but my brother wanted my mum to read stories to him. They took forever to finish reading. And when they did, I just fell asleep so easily. I slept quite peacefully the whole night and in the morning, I did not feel like waking up. But I forced myself to since I had school.

The rest of the day was a blur. The English test went well, I think. I chose argumentative. In the past year, I have started to develop a thing for argumentative essays. I was introduced argumentative by a friend of mine. He had always been doing argumentative essays and then he gave me his reasoning that argumentative allow you to tell the story with so much detail that people can just choose what they want. I did one argumentative. Then another and another.

At tuition classes, we would literally have a write-off to see who could write the same argumentative essay better. Our teacher would then look through our essays and go through each points and give us do and don’t tips.

For he behavioral science test, it was hard to get started at first. I just thought long and hard about it, so I started off with my name and I explained what it meant. I went on to write the expectations society has from different genders. I just wrote and wrote. When I almost got to the end, I saw that I had written over a thousand words. I truly thought that the computer was lying. After typing the assignment, I sent it to safe assignment to check it against plagiarism. The software did say that I had plagiarized but I did put quotation marks on those sentences that were not mine and even put the website link.

I am sorry if this post is a little early but my Uncle’s wedding is on Saturday and there a tonne of things to be done. Tomorrow, we need to put the finishing touches and get started with the henna ceremony. I will not be around at home tomorrow because I need to be at the restaurant to help out with the afternoon crowd. Tomorrow is also my last lesson of sports (rock climbing) and personal development for the term.


One thought on “And we approach the holidays soon

  1. Hi Fatma!

    As usual, a long post with a lot of sharing! Would like you, in future posts, to focus more on providing more depth to your sharing. Right now, you have an amazing memory and can recall so much of your day/week, but I’d like you to try focusing on fewer events/experiences, and sharing more about them.

    For instance, instead of simply mentioning that you went to Little India to do research and interviews, tell me more about that specific experience. Instead of telling me you took the maid to the clinic, tell me what it was like, describe the clinic and the people there, etc!

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