The last 7 weeks…

So, I have a task to write about the seven last weeks of my life. I will not write all of it here since you can find more about my life on my other posts.

The last seven weeks have been exciting, crazy, scary and filled with adrenalin. Life as a polytechnic student has been somewhat of a challenge because there is so much to keep up with. I honestly never thought that things would turn out the way they have but I am grateful for whatever has happened. From the littlest thing like someone holding the door open for me to the major things like scoring well in tests.

There were many days when I felt like just giving up. I just did not have the energy to get up and get moving. I would lie there on my bed, pondering. After sometime,I would just get up. I would constantly remind myself about my dream of owning a bakery. I would just keep telling myself that all these hard work will pay off one day.

Then of course, there were tests. Some tests would just scare the hell out of me. Every morning, I would be early for class. I will sit outside with Ruth and Chengyi and whoever was there. Just beginning my morning. I would first check Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Np Mel, Yahoo and Eonline. If time permitted, I would go on to Huffington Post and maybe watch a couple Youtube videos. Bus rides to school were not always fantastic. I do not fall asleep easily when I am awake. So because it was hard to sleep, I would study the lecture notes. If I had a reflection journal to write for behavioral science, I would write and think. Bus rides on Thursday were spent on writing my blog entry. I try to make full use of time. So I would just write about my week on ‘Notes’. When I was ready to post I would copy and paste whatever I wrote before publishing it.

I have even visited all the canteens on campus. Munch has the best western food. I usually take Chicken Cutlet because the chicken is crispy and warm. I managed to try the Mee Goreng at Canteen 4 while it does not taste that great, it still taste nice. And canteen 4 sells snacks like chocolate chip cookies and hello panda. Wow! I wish Makan place or Munch had one too. Makan place is where I hang most. I rotate between chicken rice and Indian food mostly. Today, I tried a new stall which sells chicken curry rice. The serving was really generous and I had a tough time finishing it up. I have yet to visit the canteen at blk 18 but I hope to do so soon. Instead, I have found a little nice comfort in the grocery/necessity store at block 5. It sells all drinks, lots of snacks and stationaries too.

These days, I barely get time to exercise. I really need to find time because I am starting to grow huge. My tummy is bulging and even a little bit of running makes me tired easily.

I better stop now, because I have got a few errands to run and I need to be up early tomorrow. So, good night.


One thought on “The last 7 weeks…

  1. Hi again!

    As with my previous post, I would love it if you were to focus more on your thoughts and feelings – for instance, perhaps not so much on the food you’ve tried, but what moments in the past 7 weeks were highlights, or lows? What is it about school that makes you want to just curl up in bed and ignore the world? How different has Poly been, compared to your previous year in sec school? The reflection is more about what you’ve thought and felt, rather than just a record of what you’ve done. I think you have a good ability to focus, and you definitely put in the effort, so make sure you delve into an issue, if you’ve brought it up!

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