The Undomestic goddess book review

A few weeks ago I borrowed a book called The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and I have been reading a few pages everyday. I have covered about two-thirds of the book and I absolutely love it.

The story talks about how a high-powered City lawyer makes a mistake so huge that it absolutely destroys her career.

Samantha Sweeting is a 29-year old City lawyer in London. And she works for Carter Spink Law Firm. All she has ever wanted is to be a partner in the company. She works all her hours , has no social life at all. On the day of her partnership announcement she discovers that she was supposed to register her colleague’s client at Companies House to be a registered company. The hitch is that she has missed the 21 days due date. The company has now gone bust and they have lost £50 million. She panics and decides to run away. She ends up at a strangers house outside of London and they mistake her to be the new housekeeper. She now tries to make do with her new life.

It was hilarious to read about how Samantha was juggling the new job especially since she does not know much about how to function anything. The story was interesting and engaging too. There was once when she had been assigned to cook for a fancy dinner for her employers. She provided a fancy menu but she did not know that they would want to have that menu as dinner that night. She was so frantic in the kitchen try to juggle everything and she ended up burning almost everything. The gardener helped her out though but later on, she gave her employes the excuse that the equipments in the kitchen were not good enough and as a result, they did not allow her to produce dishes of excellent quality. 


One thought on “The Undomestic goddess book review

  1. Hi Fatma!

    Just a quick comment on reviews – don’t limit yourself to just giving the background and/or synopsis of the story. Tell the reader why you like the book. It’s funny because… I like the heroine because she reminds me of… the lines are really funny, but also true….some examples are… it’s a good story but i wish that… my favourite character or moment is… make the reader WANT to read it too!

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