So much to do, so little time

This week is the last week of the fasting month and I am so stoked that Eid is almost here.
As usual, it has been really busy. I cannot wait for the fasting month to be over so that I can start drinking tea again. I have really restricted from consuming caffeine this month. The last time I drank tea was actually a few days after into the fasting month.

I met my baby cousin on Tuesday after such a long time. I have really missed her a lot. And I am thankful that she did not forget me. Also, on Tuesday she turned 6 months old. I cannot believe how time really flies by. Before that, I was actually over at Grandma’s house putting up the Singapore flag outside the window before I walked over to meet my cousin. Also, in behavioral science class on Tuesday, I watched a documentary on how people in countries like Sierra Leone have very limited healthcare. In fact, there is no clean water to drink too whereas in Singapore we have so many things readily available. I saw many different stories and comparisons. By the end of the documentary, I was crying. I really wanted to do something in some way that would make a difference in the lives of these people.

On Wednesday, we had a math quiz which was scary for me. I made a lot of careless mistakes. I am just hoping that I pass at least.

On Thursday morning, I finally, finally got back my presentation marks after living in suspense for 1 week. I saw that I had scored the same marks as I did for the first presentation. I really need to make more eye contact and engage my audience more when I do presentations next semester.

On Friday , we did basketball for sports and wellness class. It was really tiring. But I somehow miraculously managed to get through it. When I got home, it was 1pm so I took my shower and did my prayers after that. Is as done by 2pm so I had to hours until my next appointment. I decided to bake up a batch of sooji for my grand aunt as a present for my grand aunt who will be going back to India next week. It did not take me that long and I was actually done baking and cleaning in 1.5 hours time.

Have a nice weekend and have a blessed Hari Raya


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