Long, hard week

So, this has been one hella of a week.

Monday was the final bio class test. I am so glad that it is over. I can now finally move on with life. Biology was really a hindrance for me. I only started revising a week before exam. I know it is a stupid strategy but everytime I sat down to study it, I was really not in the mood or maybe there were too many distractions around me. I am glad that I did revise in the end because whatever I revised helped me tremendously

I woke up at 4.30am on Tuesday morning to watch Taylor Swift’s worldwide livestream on Yahoo screen. She announced a new album, premiered a new single and a music video to go with it.

The new album is called 1989 because according to Tay, the 80’s era was an era of boldness. People were not afraid to stand out in their fashion and the music were just like masterpieces. She was inspired by the 80’s sound and since she was born in the last year of the 80’s era, the album is called 1989.

I went back to work on Wednesday. It was extremely exhausting because we were really busy that day. When I got back home, all I wanted to do rest.

Thursday was my twin cousin’s birthday but I did not bake a cake for them because I was busy for work. I can’t believe the girls are 4 already! How time flies! I will however bake a cake for them over the weekend and post the recipe.

Friday, as usual busy with work. My mum left the restaurant early so I was forced to manage after she left. She was having a bad headache and some light fever. When I got back hone after work, the fever had climbed higher so I brought her to doctor the next day. He said that it’s the same virus that I had caught and it had now been passed down to my mum.

We came back home, I gave mum her lunch and medicine and them left for work. In the evening, she was feeling a bit better but in the middle of the night, she started having breathing problems so my uncle brought her to hospital.

She came back the next morning and is resting well but now I just need to make that cake.

Ugh, really need the time!


One thought on “Long, hard week

  1. Well, hope you’re taking time off from everything and resting! Ha, yeah the 80s was a weird decade. Especially of fashions (go google it!) and really great music. I grew up in the Eighties so it’s a special time for me, and actually, a lot of movies and music etc now, are looking at the eighties for inspiration. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for instance, started off as a cartoon in the 80s, and it’s been recently made into the live action film. Things tend to go around in cycles….

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