My grandfather

He was a very simple man. he was friendly to everyone he met. He was very religious and pious.

I may not have been close to him early on in life.  But in the last year I became vert close to him. He preached about religion and life.He may not have been an educated person but the knowledge he had about religion was tons more than I could ever hope to have.

He told me to work hard in life and never touch haram things. He told me to always have trust in God. And told me that whatever was written in my destiny would happen.  

Yesterday, when I went to NTUC, it felt so different. I was dragging my feet. All his memories were coming back to me. 

When I was a bit more younger, say in primary school or early secondary school, my grandma and I would go NTUC together. When Nana came back home in the evening, I would give him updates. He would then jokingly say to my Grandma ” arrey, what did you buy? You always go and spend my money in NTUC”. He was very fun to be around. 

He loved Grandma a lot. I once remember when my he was leaving for work, Grandma came to the door to see him off. My nana joked saying that “your nani is only tall enough to reach my beard. Your nani’s mother (my great- grandmother) was also short” 

It has been three days since you passed away but it feels like 3 years. It feels as though you are standing in one corner watching us. Everytime I pray, I ask God to give us strength to pull through. I pray that He gives us the capability to do something that will makeyou proud. 

I can’t take this but I am forcing myself to be strong for the sake of everyone else. Oh God, give us the strength and courage


One thought on “My grandfather

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, Fatma. I hope you and your family are doing fine. The wound may still be fresh but I hope what you hold onto are the times you’ve had with him, and the lessons he’s taught, and the laughter and love he brought into your life. I never got to know either of my grandfathers, who passed before I was born, and the relationship you had with your grandfather is something special, that you should never forget. Please let me know if you need anything.

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