My baking principles

Recently, a couple of my friends who are not mad about baking like I am have been sharing their recipe woes with me. “How do you always get that fluffy texture in your cheesecakes?” “Why does my cake taste so dense?”

So without further ado, I am going to share 4 baking principles I abide by no matter what I bake.

1) Always, always, always sift all your powder ingredients.

Even if it is 1tsp of baking powder. It might seem like I am assigning you extra work to do that does not seem necessarily important but I’m not.

Sifting your ingredients creates air them and it helps to get rid of lumps leaving you a smooth, velvety texture. Now who wouldn’t like that? If you don’t have a sifter at home, you can just whisk your ingredients using a rotary/balloon whisk.

2) Cream your butter and sugar long enough for at least 3 to 5 mins.

Doing so, will create wonderful pockets of air and make your final product feel light and airy. Not like bricks. Enough said.

3) Never, ever, ever, ever, overload your batter.

Alternate your wet and dry ingredients in thirds. Do not crush all that wonderful air by dumping everything into the mixing bowl all at once. Just like how humans need time to produce their best work, so does your mixer need time to produce the best results it can.

4) Use ingredients only at room temperature

If you store your butter, eggs, milk etc in the refrigerator, I would advise you to take the butter out at least an hour earlier before baking. It is okay to set out your eggs, milk, cream etc at least half an hour earlier before baking.

Using ingredients at room temperature will make your batter not so dense and also make it easier to mix your ingredients in the mixer.Imagine, if you did not set out your ingredients, and your mixer did not mix the ingredients well enough, you might find a chunk of butter while enjoying your treat. Totally gross.

Now that you know my secrets, go ahead and bake up a storm in your kitchen and let me know how was your baking extravaganza/marathon/adventure was. Have fun!


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