Back to school


School has opened this week and we are only 4 days onto the semester and I’m already so,so,so tired. I am trying to adjust my body clock back to normal cause over the holidays I started sleeping late and waking up late.

Well, on Monday, I arrived early at school so I went ahead and bought the new school books for this semester. Except for the Math textbook which was still unavailable. I am going to focus on my studies now because i know this is what he wanted for me: he wanted me to be a nurse at least and if I could, I should do medicine and become a doctor. I am very determined to do my best and make him proud.

It was the first lesson of nursing fundamentals lesson. When we were going through the lesson plan, tears welled up in my eyes because I saw the words : chest discomfort and heart attack and that was what he experienced right before he passed away.

Tuesday, was a better day because the officials from MOH came down to talk to the nursing students and they offered us a $500 merit award for making it into PFP Nursing and if we completed PFP Nursing and passed a round of interviews we would be awarded the money.

Not just that, we are also offered a sponsorship if we successfully make it into Diploma in Nursing, we will be offered a monthly allowance but we would be tied down to a bond. I have already gone ahead and applied. I am not too worried about the bond because my gut instinct and my mum tell me that this is right for me.

Wednesday was a holiday, so I got time to relax and also get started on my homework which are slowly starting to pile up. And on Wednesday, my baby sister cousin’s first tooth sprouted. Ahhhhh! Finally, tow milestones at once: she turned 9 months old that day and her first teeth came out!

Thursday I woke up feeling so tired. And my brains were not working that day because I could not think straight that day. I was just feeling so blurry that day. When I got home that day, I felt like sleeping forever but it was not possible as I had homework to do. On the bonus side, I actually finished reading ‘ A Single Shard’ by Linda Sue-Park. The book is set in the 12th century Korea and I have always wondered what it was to live in such a time era where our family and friends are all we have. There is no mobile phone or computer games at all.
Human interaction then must have been really good.

And because, I felt like going back in time, I listened to 3 old Hindi Songs from the 50’s-70’s era. I really liked those songs a lot. My mum always complain that Hindi songs these days lack soul. The don’t sound as meaningful as they did back in the days. I completely because the Hindi songs I listen to these days are so sonically cohesive that songwriting has almost gone out the window. And that’s very saddening because it’s a shame to make a song based a sound that is popular now that the lyrics don’t make any sense.

Well, today is Friday and I woke up at 5.30am for school. We played Netball today! Yes! I haven’t played Netball in so long so it’s good to refresh my skills.

My weekends plan include doing my homework. Sounds boring, right? Well, I need to be on my A-Game if I want to make it through PFP. It is bad that I don’t spend enough time with my family members now but i am so thankful that they understand everything. I will definitely try to make it up to them.

Have a good weekend and get plenty of rest 🙂