Best week yet

School is finally kicking in and I am getting used to it again. But one thing that frustrates me these days is when I get ready for school in the morning and I see my siblings sleeping, because their holidays are slowly kicking in and right there I wish I was a child again. But no matter how much I wish, I can’t go back in time.

Homework is slowly piling up but there is not enough time to do it. I pray my five daily prayers each time asking God for help with my studies.

So on Monday, Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘1989’ came out and I am absolutely in love with it. I have never heard music from the 80’s. As for as English songs go, the most oldest songs I have heard is from the 90’s when New Kids On The Block, Spice Girls and N’Sync were in prominence. My favorite song then was from Brooks & Dunn and the song is called ‘Ain’t nothing about you’, I believe the song is from the late 90’s or early 2000’s.

Anyways, back to the album. I haven’t got the time to listen to all of the songs yet but my favorite songs apart from those that were pre-released are ‘Blank Space’, ‘Style’, ‘How You Get The Girl’ and ‘Bad Blood’. My personal favorite is ‘Blank Space’ because it sounds so sassy and it is a song that Taylor wrote about the impression that people have about her. She claims that people say she is clingy and needy when it comes to boys and she only dates them and breaks up with them to write songs for emotional revenge. I love it!

Well, life is going on as per normal. I am always lacking sleep. The most I can get is 6hrs a day which is not enough. I get up by 6.20am to pray and thereupon I don’t sleep again till late at night. Even my mum is low on sleep because now that Grandpa is no more, her responsibilities have shifted to the restaurant. I don’t see her for more than an hour a day. But I still get to see my very favorite and adorable person, my baby cousin. Now that she has got a tooth, she seems to want to eat everything she can get her hands on.image

Now that O levels are going on, I still try to Whatsapp my secondary school friends everyday. I am also convincing them to come to Ngee Ann to further their studies. And specifically, in Nursing because we really need more Nurses. I am not sure whether it is working or not because they get interested and ask lots of questions. The next step is to bring them to Ngee Ann’s open house next year. I hope they like it though. They claim that O levels is killing them but I also hope that they understand that exams are part and parcel of life.

Yesterday, was Friday and it was Halloween. I don’t celebrate Halloween because it is not allowed in Islam. But, yesterday my Uncle turned 23! I am excited for him. I don’t if I was the first one to wish him because I texted him way early in the morning. Oh, and also yesterday in class we had a surprise advance birthday party for Vanessa. It was funny how it all started.

We had just been dismissed from Netball and on the way back to class. Suddenly, Lestor and Joel claim that they urgently need to go to the toilet together. Sounds weird but it’s true. All of us and the teacher are back in class waiting for both of them to come it is taking way too long then suddenly the 2 of them walk in with a cake. It is a chocolate layered cake with white chocolate shavings on the side and it is decorated with hazelnuts. It tasted delicious.

Well today is Saturday and I am glad that I got to catch up on my sleep. I find myself longing for the weekends nowadays. I have not got enough family time lately as I did over the holidays. And I am already counting down to the next holiday.


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