Slowly falling into place

Ugh, I am so stressed. So stressed that my ear keeps aching and my headache refuses to leave. It feels fine when I am asleep but once I wake up in the morning, it hurts again.

On top of that, my brother and sister are becoming spoilt brats as each day passes. When it is bedtime, the fight like cats and dogs over who will get the bolster or who will get which pillow. And whether they have brushed their teeth already and who was the first person to do so. It is as though there is a rat race every night. And it drives me crazyyy. Sometimes, I wish I could go into some mouse hole and hide there forever.

Well, my week went, stressful. As always. Just manage things however I can, watch my favorite TV drama faithfully and listen to 1989. I tried to buy a physical copy of the album but it is sold out😭. And I don’t want to buy it from the iTunes Store because the physical edition has a set of 13 Polaroids in it which iTunes will not have.

I have been watching this Hindi drama since it began airing 11 months ago and have never missed a single episode but in the last few weeks, the set where it shoots caught fire and so the drama got worse because more and more problems began cropping up in the show. Just when I wanted to give up watching the show, miraculously, the problems began to be solved.

Hmmm, November is here. And I have been looking back and reflecting between this November and last November. It feels surreal. Last November, I took my Urdu Language ‘O’ level exam on the 6th of November. Today, is the 6th of November (I am writing this advance). I am wonderstruck to see how much has changed in the last year in so many ways. And I am grateful for all the things I have.

I took my siblings to Arabic class just now and both kept talking the entire way, which had me in splits because I was not sure who to listen to? Halfway through I decided to shut them up because I wanted to talk. So, I talked to my sister about how she should give up drinking baby milk because they are heavily sweetened and can actually cause tooth decay. I told her how the bacteria would eat up her teeth because they like sweet stuff and a whole load of other things. Finally, she decided that she would never consume baby milk and fresh milk too.

I was in shock. So I had to convince her again that she could drink milk but it would have to be fresh milk because no milk in her diet would make her bones soft and she could actually break her bones easily because the calcium in milk is meant to build strong bones and teeth.

I felt sort of guilty towards the end of the conversation for 2 reasons. Firstly, while talking to my sister, I neglected my brother. Poor boy just listened to me rambling to my sister and tried to offer my sister advice as well.

Secondly, I heaped a lot of nutrition stuff on my sister which might be too complex for a 5 year old to understand. But I had no choice, I had to get her off it if not she would suffer from tooth decay sooner than later.

Well, I hope you have a good weekend!


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