Why do I feel so philosophical?

I have been very excited this whole week for many reasons.

Firstly, my friends back in secondary school have finished their O levels successfully. I felt like I was taking O levels with them because I kept motivating and giving them harsh love so that they do not feel like O level is just another exam. It is a MAJOR exam.

Secondly, my birthday is this week (I will write about it in a separate post). It is actually on 14th Nov. I can’t believe I am turning 17 finally! I have so much to be thankful for. I have great friends and great family members who always stand by me and I don’t know how I got this lucky! It suddenly feels as though life is complete and I would not trade what I have now for anything.

Thirdly,we are slowing completing a few tests here and there. BNS write up worth 20% due this week, math quiz worth 15% complete this week, Culture and Community presentation worth 20% due this week and English presentation worth 10% will be over this week.

This week I read an article a friend of mine wrote on his blog. It was an article about dreaming big enough. In it he mentions that, if you are not working hard enough, that means your dreams are not really big. He quoted what Confucius says about shooting big: “it is okay to shoot for the moon and fall. But a lot of people don’t even shoot”. My friend mentions that many of us don’t feel the vitality to shoot for our dreams. If you are interested in reading his article, the website is: changedbythoughts.wordpress.com

I have also been thinking about Martha Graham’s “The Blessed Unrest” quote a lot too. That quote talks about how there is only one of us in all time and because there only one of us, each person is unique. It is not our business to determine how good we are at something or how it compares with other things. It is our business to be inspired by the things that inspire us because if motivation/inspiration ceases in us, what we are unique for will be lost and the world will not get to experience it. No one is ever pleased. There is only displeasure. A blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.

I watched the last episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ (the truth prevails). This show is a show that highlights the problems facing the people of India and it invites people to take a stand and try to make things better. This week’s topic was : When masculinity harms men

At the beginning of the show, the men in the audience were asked to list some qualities that men possess. Some qualities mentioned were: thoughtful, sensitivity, respectful, powerful, brave, truthful etc.

The ladies however rebutted the qualities. They said:

men are not sensitive, they are senseless instead.

They are hardly respectful to ladies outside of their house.

they are only powerful upon someone whom they have a higher ranking over. If someone has a higher ranking than them, they bow down.

There was also a discussion about what ladies look for in a man. Some replies were: we just want to be loved, men should have the ability to emote, they should help out at home as much as they can.

Obviously, I am too young to get married but I will not lie. In fact, I think that these are true. But, it would be a bonus if whoever I got married to, knew how to cook and would treat my family members as his own family because I have seen a lot of cases where in-laws are meant to be just in-laws. The relationship doesn’t go any further than that.

Also in the show, it showed that when men become too filled with anger, pride and ego, lives are lost at the expense of others. A case scenario featured on the show was: a boy was buying newspaper from the roadside stall when he actually stumbled upon another guy on a motorcycle. The father who was sitting on the pavilion instigated his son to take revenge and so he rammed and killed the guy who had stumbled over him.

Where has compassion gone? Why are we taking revenge for such small little things? Do ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ exist not these days? I am even more heartbroken for the family because the victim’s father had recently returned back home after being away for 8years in another state working to support his family.

Another scenario: there was this girl who was hit on a boy everyday when she was on her way to work. That guy had asked the girl to marry her but she kept refusing. And so, after many refusals which obviously hurt the guy’s ego, the guy’s brother and the brother’s girlfriend threw acid on the girl whom he had been wishing to marry. That acid was so powerful that it like melted her face. When I saw her, I wanted to cry because it has been too much. Everything, was disfigured.

I also loved the show because the host seeks really good Hindi, 👍. I was very impressed. A quarter of the time I was asking my mum what a particular word meant. There is Hindi and pure Hindi. For me, I studied Urdu which is kind of similar to Hindi. It has been a while since I spoke really good Urdu with someone. A lot of my friends spoke really good Urdu either because they were born in Pakistan or their roots lie in Pakistan. And it challenged me to be better and to take chances and be very unapologetic in embracing the language. Why do I miss Urdu so much? Is it because that is the only language I can read, write, speak and fully understand, besides English?

Whereas, Hindi, I can only speak and understand. But I am training myself to slowly read and write.

Well, like they say, practice makes perfect.


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