My birthday

I am officially 17!

I am still getting used to being a year older. But I hope this transition goes smoothly.

So, I fell asleep a few minutes before midnight. I was having a throbbing headache and it was hard for me to stay up a few minutes longer

Woke up at 5.20am and checked my phone first. True enough, it was actually the 14th of November. I jumped out of bed and went about my day’s routine of making breakfast and making my bed. I remembered to thank God for giving me 17years of life.

It felt like just any normal day. We were supposed to be having soccer class that day. And we walked like twice up and down the whole campus. So tiring! šŸ˜¤ but once, we reached the location, Elaine gathered the whole class and all sang “happy Birthday” for me, which I really appreciated.

Then, Elaine presented me with 2 gifts that she, PeiXian, Chengyi and Jiayu had chipped in to buy. It was these: an iPad cover with a picture of giraffe on it and a phone insert thingy in the shape of a mini zebra

We were released early from school so when I got back home, I had a little ‘me’ time to myself before I headed out to grab lunch with my secondary school friends. What I basically did during ‘me’ time was, watch a couple YouTube videos, wash my clothes and prepare a little snack for myself.

My friends showed up late, half an hour late. I was a little mad but when they showed up, I just couldn’t get myself to be mad at them. They were so sweet. We talked and talked and talked and talked straight for 3 hours. Which is not enough. Wish I had double the time. So we are already planning our next meet up.

We talked about secondary school life, poly life, prom (which was the night before) and we talked about LOVE.

We are all fools about LOVE. They kept complaining about lack of love. They really want to experience love. Which for me, is awkward. I used to daydream about love. A lot. But for now, it is not a huge priority for me. I just want to focus on school. Everything else will come second.

But as a friend, I tried to steer them away which only made their hopes more hostile. Right now, I can only support them where I feel I should support them. Then the next day, my friend went to China for a 3 week holiday. I kept pestering him to give me his flight details. Which he did. But he didn’t provide any return flight details. I kept checking hour upon hour about his flight details. He had landed safely.

There is this girl who has lunch at my mum’s restaurant everyday and we slowly became good friends. So, she actually remembered my birthday and got me a huge notebook with a few colored pens. It was so sweet of her!

I am also glad my mum did not forget my birthday. She said that she did wish me but instead she prayed for me.

I had the best birthday ever. I am so blessed šŸ™‚


One thought on “My birthday

  1. Glad that you had an awesome and FUN Birthday~
    Wish more great things would come your way !
    your English is clear-cut and easy to understand !
    continue to write more ~

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