Life is full of ups and downs

“Maybe I’m going deaf” – Lyrics from Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

I have been attached to my earpiece this whole week because RED camp is going on in school. The objective of this camp is to get all those who just finished their national exams to come and get a feel of what our school is like and then possibly enrol here once they get their results.

So, what happened is that the drumming people (?) are doing continuous drumming over the 3 days of the camp right behind my classroom block. It is so annoying that after the tutor has finished teaching and it is time for class work. I grab my earpiece plug it into my phone and start listening to whatever songs just to get over from the drumming. And when I walk past the drumming people to grab my lunch, I either walk really fast/run or cover my ears so that they get the impression of what inconvenience they are causing to others. It is not working because obviously they have to do this demonstration to the visitors. Ugh!

And I had my interview for the merit award which I applied for. I honestly don’t want to think about it. All I know is if I’m destined to get it, I will get it. If not, I won’t.

On Thursday, I got back my argumentative essay marks and I was really disappointed.I had not done as well as I wished to. I did not have really good rebuttals. I chose the topic on beauty pageants, whether it is exploitative or is it a good thing. I took back my essay home to reedit. Later on for Nursing class, I actually had to prick my finger to take my blood glucose. I had a high blood glucose. I think I should cut down rice and focus more on whole grain foods.

Friday was the best day of the week yet. I actually went to the Asian Civilisation Museum to do research for an upcoming project. I decided to tour the India gallery and do my project based on what I saw in the India gallery. And I fell in love with what I saw there. I felt like I could sit there for hours and just get lost in the beauty of the artifacts. It was really breathtaking.



As I left the ACM, I called this student that I had tutored for Science PSLE over the holidays. And what I heard about his results left me in a state of shock. He had scored an A in all his subjects and his overall PSLE aggregate was 243. I cannot believe it man! I am truly stoked for him and I hope that he goes to a good school.

Oh, and later on in the day I visited the Affordable Art Fair at F1 pit building. I had the best time walking up and down the galleries watching pieces and pieces of paintings and sculptures. Thanks for the ticket, Mr Young!

After I got back from the art fair, I started feeling restless and sleepy. I slept through till 10.30pm only to be awoken by my mum who had just got back home. I had dinner and then began working on the re-edit of my essay. This time though I said that beauty pageants are a good thing even though I know deep down that they are not because I do not have good enough counter arguments. Hopefully things can smooth out over time.


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