This week has been unexplainable

First, I cleared a few more tests like English essay writing and Biology test. I feel like I could score more for the Biology test. I don’t know why but i am lacking motivation to study this semester.

The English essay was okay-ish to me. I chose to write a descriptive essay because I found the question to be easy. I did not want to put my grades on the line by doing an argumentative, which is what I would normally attempt.

The question was to describe qualities that make an ideal parent. So, I explained that every person has different opinions but according to me loving your child, being firm and just with your child when needed to and bringing up your child to be a religious person makes an ideal parent. I was hesitant at first whether I should bring religion into the question but the more I thought about it, the more certain I became of my decision. In the end, I just decided that I was doing the right thing.

It was also BCR this week, which is like online learning from home day. It was my first BCR. For Math all I had to do was read through a set of instructions and then just do a quiz. For Biology, I actually had to view online lectures on YouTube and then do an activity in which an egg was put into a container of water and it was shaked vigorously. At the end of the activity, we were to see whether the egg broke or not and why. As for my experiment, the egg did not break. I think this is so because the water acted as a shock absorber. The next day, I received an email from my advisor thanking the whole class for our participation in BCR.

On Friday, I had my last soccer class. And as it rained the night before, the field was muddy. We had no choice but to carry on playing. A lot of us got dunked in the mud while playing and we spent a good half hour after class cleaning up. And as a result, all of us were late for the next class. However, the mud affected our ability to play well and in the end, we scored 2-2. It was a tie.

Hooray! This score was better than last week when no team scored a thing.

The future is unknown


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