And it’s finally break time

This week was Common Test week. Everything went fine, I guess.

My first paper was last Friday, it was theory paper for Fundamental Nursing Skills. It should have went fine but my teacher has hinted to us that we have not done as well we could have. So, I am definitely feeling worried about that. 😱

Then, this Monday was Math. It was really bad. I did not have enough time. So, I just gave answers for the last questions without any working. I hope that I can pass at least because I do not want to any retest.

On Tuesday was the practical paper for Fundamentals Nursing Skills. I was so nervous that I skipped a few steps. I was supposed to do hand washing and blood pressure taking. The hand washing part went fine but the blood pressure part is where I screwed up. I was supposed to do hand rub with alcohol solution at 3 different times during the procedure but I only did it once. But, the examiner told me I passed. Phew! 💨

Wednesday, was Biology paper. The most nerve wrecking paper which I was expecting but I studied throughly and it did not feel so nerve wrecking. On the day of the paper, the class turned up at the venue on time only to see that there was no one there and the place was entirely empty. So, we had to wait for the lab technician to open up the place and set up tables and chairs.

During the reading time, all of us realized that we had a missing page 6. So, now, the lab technician had to go and photocopy the missing page for us. The paper was so confusing. There was a question asking to name the brain regions. But the description was given as the specific function for each brain lobe. But I went ahead and gave the name of brain regions. Then, towards the end, I see that the arrow is pointing to a specific brain love but the question is phrased ” name the brain region”

I was in such a fix so I went ahead and gave the specific names instead of region. I decided that if I was wrong, I would go and talk it out with Dr Tan.

Thursday, was the last paper. It was for Basic Nursing Sciences. I had not studied so much for it but I still managed anyway. It went well.

And yesterday I was working because my uncle had a doctors appointment so I helped my mum out at the shop. Surprisingly, I was not at all tired when I got back home. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel tired

It’s Saturday today and so far, my day is going all well and relaxed.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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