This week was a hilarious week. First of all, there was the release of the o level results on Monday. A lot of my classmates skipped class to go back to secondary school to support their friends. But I didn’t because I cannot afford to miss class. I am getting weaker in Math and hence, I could not take the risk. I checked in with my secondary school friends and let’s just say… I expected them to do better and they missed by just a tad.

I am bogged down with projects. And my siblings have missed school most of this week because they are all sick. Hmmph, not fair! I am really tired.

And oh, while I was in school on Tuesday, my siblings decided to “help me”. I had made a batch of Oreo truffles last week for my classmates and had some leftovers which I planned to gift my secondary school friends. I had made the truffles and all that was left was to coat in melted chocolate. My siblings sprinkled salt all over it and when I come back and I look in the fridge. I see crystals. I taste one and i don’t quite like the taste. When I confronted my siblings, they said ” we wanted to help you. We were looking for sugar but couldn’t find it and so we added salt instead.” I tried to shake off some but some is already set in the truffles.

Well, I tried to get rid of as much salt as possible. And anyways, I coated some in chocolate and tasted it and well, all I taste is a little bit of salt and a little of sweetness.

That aside, I issued a challenge to Elaine that she has to stop swearing. And I gave her 2 days for it. Let’s see how she comes along with this one.

I have projects scattered here and there but slowly, everything is falling into place.

“I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me” – lyrics from New Romantics by Taylor Swift

I wish you a good and long weekend.


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