How time flies!

We have just wrapped up the last week of PFP. It has been such a great year and I can’t believe that the first of my four years in Ngee Ann has ended. Well, I never expected this to happen . I was constantly living in paranoia about failing a module and having to go back to secondary school.

PFP was not what I had imagined it to be. I know that the graduating criteria is a pass but for every module, even Sports and Wellness, the stress levels were high. Of course, I had tried to be as chilled out as I possibly could but I think it got to the exterior what a nervous wreck I was.

Biology, my worst enemy, has now become less of a enemy and more of a friend. I still do face challenges at  memorising but I am slowly getting there.

Math, my friend instead started to become a bit of my enemy on the other hand. Well, I am not saying that I hate it but the tedious calculations on Binomial Theorem and Vectors began sucking out the energy in me.

I felt like over the last year I learned a lot. I learned about things like Google Docs, which I never knew existed. I learned to be more flexible, both physically and mentally. Sports and Wellness really made me more active, even though it is once a week and the rest of the time, I become an inactive volcano.

I am going to try and see what were the SNW sports I covered over the last year: Dance-sport (Cha cha), Gym, Adventure, Hip Hop, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Badminton and Pilates.

I recently got awarded the sponsorship and bursary award that I applied for. When I got posted to Nursing, I was not really happy because I was wishing for Food and Nutrition Science, I hated poly life for the first semester because I just did not like my course. I even despised myself for listening to my mum and enlisting Nursing as one of the choices. Until MOH talked to me and those doing Nursing in my class that I saw and realised the potential of a Nurse. Sure, it was not a glamorous job but the satisfaction and the pay are rewarding. Sure, it is tedious and requires long hours but the skills that I learn can help me in the future to take of my parents when they grow old.

And while upon graduation many others will be job hunting, I already have got a job secured. And the place where I am posted to is not so far away from where I live, so travelling will not be such a burden. And while I am working, I am considering of doing a part-time degree. (fingers crossed!)

Most importantly, I feel that the highlight of my PFP year was the friends that I had made. Sure, I may not be as close to some as I am to others but I will definitely cherish each day spent.




Winding up PFP….

I started this blog because of Bridging English ( a module I studied in PFP) required me to do so. Over the last year, this blog became my soul where I documented my life. Now, that PFP is almost ending, I feel like a lost soul.

I am going to make every conscious effort I can to document my life here on my blog since writing a physical diary is much more tedious for me >.<

This week all I have been doing is revision for BNS and Bio since I have a class test and I am stoked to say that my overall grade for Bio is an A. Woohoo!

I have been racking my brains about my Math project which is to design a game proposal for the school’s Open House in which the player has only a 20% (+/- 5%) chance of winning. I came up with a game similar to “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”. I hope that that comes along well.

This week I watched a movie called : Shaun of the dead, which is a comedy/horror movie about zombie apocalypse. This is my first full length scary movie. In the past, I have tried watching horror movie but halfway through I would just run away. I need more guts!

I visited a kiln and I tried my hand at pottery. It is not for me. I started off making a mug because I wanted a jumbo mug to make Red Velvet Microwave Mug Cake in. And then my clay fell apart because of the uneven structure. I tried again and I got a large bowl instead. Hopefully, the bowl can work in place of a mug.

Friday was the best day of all. I had NAPFA test. Although I failed 3 stations, I don’t need to do retest (Muahahaha). I then had a class exchange with the students of FPDE and some Year 3 Brazilians.The students of FPDE (Lincoln and Katherine) gave a brief history of Singapore and the festivals celebrated here.Next up, Aqil and I gave them a short presentation on Singapore food and Singlish (a mashup of English and other Singaporean spoken languages like Malay, Mandarin and Chinese dialects).

The Singlish part was the most hilarious though cause we used a calendar for it and got 3 Brazilians to pick out a day, date and month. It could be either random choice or a specific one. Then after they had picked out, Aqil got Joel to read out since Aqil claims to not have the necesary accent. It was hilarious!

Then the Brazilians presented on Brazil, did a dance demonstration and taught some of us to dance. I won’t say who but there were some girls who completely swayed at the sight of the Brazilians.

And we finished off with our Bio class test. It was a challenging paper but I am still in shock over my score. I still remember that on my first day of school, my first class was Bio and I also ended my last day with Bio. As I look back on this year, I don’t think that I would ever want to trade the memories for anything else.


Elaine’s upcoming birthday present. I brought some the next day for everyone else.


From the kiln visit