How time flies!

We have just wrapped up the last week of PFP. It has been such a great year and I can’t believe that the first of my four years in Ngee Ann has ended. Well, I never expected this to happen . I was constantly living in paranoia about failing a module and having to go back to secondary school.

PFP was not what I had imagined it to be. I know that the graduating criteria is a pass but for every module, even Sports and Wellness, the stress levels were high. Of course, I had tried to be as chilled out as I possibly could but I think it got to the exterior what a nervous wreck I was.

Biology, my worst enemy, has now become less of a enemy and more of a friend. I still do face challenges at  memorising but I am slowly getting there.

Math, my friend instead started to become a bit of my enemy on the other hand. Well, I am not saying that I hate it but the tedious calculations on Binomial Theorem and Vectors began sucking out the energy in me.

I felt like over the last year I learned a lot. I learned about things like Google Docs, which I never knew existed. I learned to be more flexible, both physically and mentally. Sports and Wellness really made me more active, even though it is once a week and the rest of the time, I become an inactive volcano.

I am going to try and see what were the SNW sports I covered over the last year: Dance-sport (Cha cha), Gym, Adventure, Hip Hop, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Badminton and Pilates.

I recently got awarded the sponsorship and bursary award that I applied for. When I got posted to Nursing, I was not really happy because I was wishing for Food and Nutrition Science, I hated poly life for the first semester because I just did not like my course. I even despised myself for listening to my mum and enlisting Nursing as one of the choices. Until MOH talked to me and those doing Nursing in my class that I saw and realised the potential of a Nurse. Sure, it was not a glamorous job but the satisfaction and the pay are rewarding. Sure, it is tedious and requires long hours but the skills that I learn can help me in the future to take of my parents when they grow old.

And while upon graduation many others will be job hunting, I already have got a job secured. And the place where I am posted to is not so far away from where I live, so travelling will not be such a burden. And while I am working, I am considering of doing a part-time degree. (fingers crossed!)

Most importantly, I feel that the highlight of my PFP year was the friends that I had made. Sure, I may not be as close to some as I am to others but I will definitely cherish each day spent.




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