The show must go on

Yesterday (I mean Friday, it’s past 12mn now) was a bad day at work, for a number of reasons. But it got me to thinking about what goes on whenever I am at school and not working at the restaurant.

A lot of customers had $50 bills yesterday and I kept running short of the small bills. In turn, I sent out my colleague a few times to change the $50 bills into smaller denominations.

Then my mum forgot to order coins. We exchange coins from a supplier who supplies them to us. And they are vital because in the morning, everything is chaotic. Some customers might not have those small 10 or 20 cents that make up their purchase and as a result, coins become crucial.

Then, the poultry supplier who was supposed to deliver the goods in the morning at 11am only turned up at 9pm. His excuse? There was a road closure which prevented him from entering the CBD 😐. Liar! There was no such thing. I must have been on the phone at least 30 times pestering my mum about where was the supplier.

The rice supplier did not have any rice for us😭. We were screwed now. But he did promise us to deliver early the next morning. Phew!

Earlier on in the day, I went shopping at Haniffa with my mum and Grandma. I hadn’t had lunch and I was feeling hungry so I went ahead and bought a bag of potato chips. I started feeling thirsty, so I kept walking up and down to see where were the mineral water bottles, only to realize after walking a few rounds that they don’t sell drinks. I then had to walk to opposite road just to buy a bottle of water. 😤

What else? I was like a stressed basket yesterday. I was trying to get on the phone to my mum when my brother was asking me who was picking him up from school. I got infuriated a few times when she wasn’t answering. I wanted to curse at the phone but well, not in front of customers.

When my shift was almost over, I was busy preparing the stuff for next day like topping up plastic bags and paper cups etc. In my hurry to quickly leave because my mum was picking me up and I did not want to make her wait, I left my phone at the restaurant. 😂

I only realised when I was halfway home, too late by then. I was now FORCED to spend my time without my phone. I felt so lonely.

I brought home some fried rice from the restaurant in what was meant to be my dinner. Before I could even eat it, my brother snatched the box from my hands and began eating. I felt like protesting but I was too tired to do so. I patiently waited till he had eaten his share before I got round to eating it.

I haven’t been this stressed since a few months ago when I was busy preparing for my presentations. Well, I feel like the fact that I made through such a terrible day, makes me think how amazing my collegues are. I don’t know if in real there are tougher days than these but maybe there are and I don’t salute them for handling much tougher days than yesterday.

I ❤️ my job!