What is life even?!

Its a typical Tuesday afternoon and I am all sleep deprived even though its the school holidays.

I realised that I haven’t written a post in so long and since I am bored, I might as well just update this blog even though no one reads it.

So, lets go!

I have completed the first semester of my first year in poly. And I am pleased with the results. As we move on to the next semester, I am gonna push on for better results.

I have also been upping my social media game recently. I created Snapchat and Twitter accounts.

Snapchat is easy to keep up with. Twitter is gonna take a bit more effort. The only reason I created these accounts was not to “fit in” with others. But because, in maybe 10-15 years or whatever, it will be nice to look back on these things and reminisce my days and the activities I did. Or who knows that these social media may get outdated and replaced by newer, better sites. And it would be cool to think that once upon a time I was actually part of something called Snapchat, maybe?

So, what else? My best friend is turning 18 soon and I have been planning a surprise birthday parry for him. Dont worry, he doesnt read my blog or have the link to my blog.

A lil more about my friend though. I knew him since secondary 1 so thats like 6 years already but only grew close to him in about secondary 3. So its been like almost 5 years.

And yes, its a him. A lot of people including our own friends and family members are always surprised about how we have been able to be such close friends for so long and not gotten together or anything.

I don’t know. I guess we just feel very comfortable around one another and with our friendship that we do not need anything else. And most importantly, we both want to focus on our studies first. So everything else falls in later.

That aside, I spend a lot of time everyday just thinking about the stuff that I want to do for the party or what is the menu going to be like. I get excited everyday thinking about it. I have enrolled the help of my two other friends in the execution of this party. I cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Well, well, well

I am gonna sleep now

If you ever happen to read my blog, thank you!

Mr Young, I miss you and your English lessons too.

Happy Resting!