Thank you! + Outing with Gracelyn


I fell asleep last night as I was writing this post and I am so embarrassed about it. But, now, I am fresh and ready to carry on.

First of all, I want to thank you guys (my followers!) . Thank you for deciding to follow my blog and wanting to get a glimpse into my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!

This blog had been a dead space for so long and just got updated. So, I am excited!

Yesterday, I went out with my best friend from secondary school.
She is my closest friend and I am so glad to have her in my life.

So, anyways, we had not met in 2 weeks. Sometimes, 2 weeks feel like forever. We decided we would go with our other friend but he was busy so we went on a trip by ourselves.

Our initial plan was to go visit this new mall that had recently opened in Fernvale.

But en route to Fernvale, we were at Compassvale, so Gracelyn suggested visiting Compass Point before the mall is shut down to be renovated.

True enough, a lot of the shops were already closed and undergoing renovation. So, we could not see much but we managed to do some πŸ™‚

Then, we had lunch at Long John Silvers and had fun talking about school, Snapchat, Instagram and horoscopes. I was even singing along to the music playing. (Yeap, I am that weird person who sings in public)

After lunch, we took the monorail to Fernvale. But in our oversight, we boarded the wrong monorail and went in the wrong direction towards the East. Yes, we are that blur.

So we waited until the journey was conplete and we made sure to board the correct monorail and went towards the West.

If you ever travel to Sengkang and Punggol, be prepared to get lost. It is really hard to figure out where you are going. And I am not criticising or anything, but it is the reality.

So, anyways, we finally made it to Fernvale and went to Seletar Mall. It was levels and levels of shop and we went slowly.

We started off at The Paper Stone which is a stationery shop. Gracelyn, wanted to buy a notebook that was for $3 but it was the last piece and no one had bought it.

She did not want to buy it but at the same time, she wanted it as well. This girl, I tell ya.

Anyways, she bought the book before we left the mall. So, cannot blame me, I tried.

And while we were in the store, 1989 was playing and I had a fun time singing along to Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl and This Love. I documented it all on Snapchat.

I also had my first ever macaron from Delifrance. It was lemon flavoured and absolutely delicious!

We went to Popular, a bookstore, where we took photos of books we are interested in reading but are too broke to buy. Sighs.

We also went to this little shop and bought some badges as a birthday gift to our friend. The badges basically spell out his name.

We went to NTUC Finest which is a like a grocery store but with organic food. Boy, it was huge and some of the sfuff were super expensive.

We also went to a music school and had fun messing around with the instruments. Hahaha.

We also went to many other shops and wanted to watch a movie but the timings were totally off so we could not see the movie 😦

The escalator was broken down and we has to climb it and we were quite dizzy by the timebwe finished climbing. Only to realise in our blurness, that there was actually a lift. Gahhh.

We are also obsessed with the cakes that so many shops had. Especially rainbow cakes. But we gotta watch our diet. 😦

Hmm, like I had said Sengkang is confusing. We got lost with directions and had to walk a huge round in the hot sun to get to the busstop and we actually landed up towards Jalan Kayu which is another district.

But finally, we went home and blowed up our friend’s mind about the day we had. I loved irritating him >.<

That was pretty much it but the experience was fun and one that I will never forget.

Till next time


P.S. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.


I am so besotted with books.


Our feet were aching from walking.


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