Super Stressful Saturday

Today is Saturday!

And as much the weekends are my answer to a much needed break from the hectic weekdays I had during the week, it also kind of stresses me out.

What am I going to do this weekend? Any plans to go out? Will I watch marathons of Kitchen Nightmares on rerun? Will I visit anyone? Will anyone visit me? Or am I going to have a boring weekend and do homework and assignments?

These are the same questions I have everytime a Friday rolls around.

I was expecting this weekend to be little different especially since I am having school holidays.

But no, it was pretty different.

I woke up late. What else is new?

Had breakfast with the family. Watched some TV and began working on a quiz that I am to complete.

After being unable to beat my previous high score, I gave up. (which is unlike me, maybe I am exhausted of the same questions multiple times)

I FaceTimed my friend and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. Which went okay-ish.

I hang up the call, took a quick shower, followed by a quick lunch and left home to go to Redman!

Redman is my favourite store in the whole world. Followed by H&M, and then Cotton On.

Redman is where you can buy all your baking supplies in one place. Cake tins, flour, sprinkles, butter, candy melts, food colouring and a whole lot more.

Whenever I visit their store, I feel like I am in baking heaven and the fact that there is one near my house is an added bonus.

I bought butter, flour, cream of tartar, vanilla extract and SPRINKLES!!!!

You might ask why did I need baking supplies? Well, as I mentioned in my 2nd last post about my best friend’s surprise birthday party which I am planning, so I needed to get the ingredients and bake him a little something.

I also needed a little heavy cream but I did not want to buy a huge pack so I went to the grocery store. Ditto. Next grocery store. Ditto. Next grocery store. Ditto. Called my aunt. Ditto. She only had cooking cream. And more sprinkles and icing sugar (which I eventually borrowed from her)

The difference between cooking cream and heavy cream is the fat content which differs by about 20%.

It was very unlike that so many grocery stores did not have heavy cream. I finally managed to buy some when I went to visit my aunt and happened to stop by the grocery store near her house.

Oh well, life is random and weird sometimes.

What else?

I also went to Cotton On to buy new shoes. I have been looking for a flat, covered up toe sandals.

Why covered up toes? Why sandals? Why not flats?

Well, I need it to have covered up toes because as a Science student, I sometimes need to be in the lab and the lab regulations state for it to be covered up toes otherwise I cannot enter the lab.

What do I do if I cannot enter the lab? 2 things.

Firstly, I can skip class and not bother. But that will affect attendance and if my attendance falls below 80%, I am debarred from taking the final exams.

Oh, these rules…

Secondly, I can go spend $7 and rent some shoes and socks from the office which I am to return after class. But, I can keep the socks.

Well, at least I bought myself some decent, boring socks.

Back to topic, whoops!

I preferred sandals because I have been wearing flats for a long time now and wanted to change things up.

Cotton On did not have any sandals. Sighs!

So, I went to Vivian & Sean, which is a simple shoe shop and also Bata. I hoovered between the two for about 30 mins before I bought from the former. The latter is a lil more expensive so I don’t want to waste money as well.

But don’t worry, I got myself two pairs of shoes. I got two because if the first pair was above $21.90, I could get the second pair for $9.90

Hell yes!

I went to Grandma’s house after shopping to find the door locked. So, I called my mum. No answer. So I came back home. When I called my uncle, found out everyone was back home.

Argghhh, so much travelling

Well, also just now I had some guests visiting. They were my grandma’s sorta sister and her daughters and granddaughter. Indians, I tell ya!

Thank goodness they didn’t stay very long though. Now, you might think I am selfish and hate guests but nope, I am not!

It is very late at night and I want to just relax. And frankly, I do not like to gossip with people. I will gladly take about ponies and unicorns and school and other stuff but to listen to people talk about their lives and other peoples live is not my cup of tea.

I pride on keeping myself happy and away from negative energy. And really just appreciating what I have.

That said, if you appreciate what you have, you begin to understand and feel for what others don’t have.

Alrighty, I have said enough.

Sorry if it got a little lengthy.

I am gonna go wash my face and lie in bed and watch Gordon Ramsay fill my ears with vulgarities. Ha!

Q: What are your weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!

See you soon!


I got these simple and comfortable sandals


And also these simple flats which I will wear in the lab, hopefully!


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