Baking with Maisarah


Today, I had my friend from secondary school over to my house for a little baking session.

Maisarah and I knew each other since sec 1 but we are not very close.

She recently got in touch with me over SnapChat and from there we started talking.

I told her about the surprise I was planning for my friend and she wanted to join so from there we got together to plan things.

Well, anyways, as this is the last week of holidays, everyone is scrambling around like mad trying to finish up everything and preapare for the new semester ahead.

So, it was difficult to fix dates but we did manage to after a long time of deciphering our schedules.

She came and we started off by making frosting for a batch of funfetti cookies that I had already prepared because I actually needed to chill the dough otherwise it would be sticky to work with. ( I got the recipe from under “cookies”)

We also then made the batter for Oreo Cheesecake Cups (I got the recipe from Popsugar Food’s YouTube Channel)

We frosted the cookies, decorated them, chatted and we also ate them.

We talked about school and stuff and basically, just did not bother.

But boy, time really flies. Three hours later, it was time for her to go home.

On a side note, I enjoyed the time spent and the goodies we made.

Looking forward to tbe surprise though





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