Yijie’s birthday surprise


I wanted to put this up yesterday but I was rushing for time.

But, anyways, yesterday was the big day!

Yesterday, Maisarah and I surprised Yijie for his birthday.

So, let me break down mostly what happened

First of all, Google Maps gave Maisarah and I the wrong directions to his house. We overshot by 1 busstop and had to walk back and found Yijie waiting for us.

He took us back to his house and we explained why we came to his house. He was kind of surprised but ecstatic.

He brought out snacks for us and packet drinks. Also, not to mention the snacks that I had brought along.

I brought Oreo Cheesecake Cups and Bars, Funfetti Cookies and en route to Yijie’s house, Maisarah and I bought more snacks. Man, there was so much snacks.

We sat down and talked about school for a bit. Then, Yijie played a round of Grand Theft Auto and taught me how to play as well. It was my first time playing a game so I played pretty badly. I got Yijie into a debt of $500 and used up all his bullets. My bad! Sorry, Yijie!

Then we decided to watch a movie but could not decide between comedy and horror so we searched for some comedy movies.

Unfortunately, we did not like any of them. So, we watched a horror movie. And Yijie actually suggested watching Insidious.

I do not normally watch horror movie because I am scared but I want to try new things so I actually went with the flow.

There was a point in the movie where Yijie left the living room to answer a phone call, leaving Maisarah and I alone. The main character saw a ghost waving but it was all quiet. Then suddenly a car crash took place and the noise was so loud that it scared the living hell out of was. We really freaked out and yelled so loud until Yijie nearly dropped his phone.

As we were eating snacks, my hamds got quite dirty. So, I went to the kitchen to wash my hands and also to check on Yijie’s tortoise. One male and one female.

When I came back, Yijie began telling us a story of when the female tortoise laid eggs.

The first time the Mother ate up the eggs. Hahaha.

The second time, he managed to get the egg and put in a flower pot, covering it with soil and placing it by the window.

After a few days when there was no activity, he dug out the egg, cracked it and found out that the egg had been cooked. Hahahahaha. #troll

Oh, I love his innocence

After watching Insidious for an hour, we went into his room. And Yijie taught me and Maisarah to play the piano briefly.

Then, he himself played the piano and played a song called “Krone”, I think.

It was so beautifully played that I legit had tears welling up in my eyes. So proud of him.

And soon after, it was time to leave. When we were leaving, Yijie presented both of us a bar of Toblerone each.

So sweet of him. <3<3<3<3<3

I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait for more times like this for us to hang out.



Thanks for reading!

Nurfatma 🙂


Love them both!


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