Let’s make it work!

Oh hey guys!

I went back to school this week and things are already getting intense.

So, I thought I would give you guys a general summary of what has happened so far.

I am taking 8 modules this semester and also trying to accumulate whatever co-curricular activities points I can get by attending workshops and talks. And also, keeping the religious part of my live active.

As it is a new semester, there are new classmates. But I am lucky to say that most of my friends from the last semester came with me to this semester so I am really happy. I don’t have to focus on making new friends like others and that means that I can focus more on the academics.

Lets just say that I am enjoying the ride. I like leading an active lifestyle and can handle stress well. I just don’t like when thigs start to slow down.

Today, is 21 October and it is my friend’s birthday! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Finally legal!

I already wished him and he is really happy!

And right now, I am starting class soon. So see ya!

Q: What have you been up to?

Leave a comment  and let me know!



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