Oh hey guys!

So, November is here and that means that there are only two more months left before the start of a New Year.

Whenever I see or hear or say, the words ‘New Year’, I start getting anxious. Where has the rest of the year went? What have I achieved this year? What more do I have left to achieve?

But more than anything, the last few months (specifically September to December) of the year are my favourite.

Why you ask?

Because its the holidays! And also a lot of birthdays of people I know happen around this time.

And also, my birthday happens around this time too! I’m turning 18 soon! Yay! 

So far, my birthday plans are to go to an award ceremony where I will be getting an award. I’m getting this award by my sponsored hospital for my good GPA (I frankly could’ve done a lot better).

And after the ceremony is over, I will be having lunch with my friends.

As for celebrating with my family, it will be done on Sunday. It will be small and simple. Hopefully, my aunt will bake me cake.

So, what else has been going on?

Busy with school as usual. I have three class tests this week. The tests are for: Gerontology and Community Nursing, Cell and Molecular Biology and Pharmacology.

Gerontology is basically the study of old people and it seems to be going okay-ish for me. Not too difficult but its definitely not as easy too.

Cell and Molecular Biology is interesting actually. I used to be really good at chemistry back in secondary school but my physics was horrible and it happened to pull down my grades. Oh well.

But in this module, we get to combine chemistry and biology and other forms of study such as virology etc.

We will be studying cloning as well and the most fun thing is that for one of the practical lessons, we will be getting to extract and grow our own DNA. Ain’t it cool?!

Pharmacology just seems basic for me. But I know that down the road it will get tougher. So far we have learnt how to serve medications based on its time, dosage, frequency, route of administration (whether its oral or IV infusion or IV injection etc.) and many other stuff. It is kinda interesting too!

I am also awaiting my next attachment which will be at TTSH in December.

But the real highlight of my semester are the friends I am making. Amanda, Atikah, Candice, Hui Qing among others. They are all really nice and sweet.

In fact, today something hilarious happened. I was having lunch with them and had bought lemon juice because I heard that drinking lemon juice burns your fat.

Naturally, the juice was sour because lemon is acidic and I was making scrunched up faces every time I took a sip. So, Amanda suggested I add some sugar so I can drink it with less torment. She told me that the stall keeps sugar by the side of the counter. So, I went ahead and added half a spoon of sugar.

When I came back to my table and started having my drink, it started to taste even more awful. And I had no idea why! But I continued drinking.

Vanessa then told me that the “stuff” I actually added was salt. By this time, my jawlines got really stiff. Oh man, I tried to dilute the drink with water but to no avail. So, the drink was wasted and Amanda felt guilty but on the bright side, we gained some new fond memories to laugh about.

Well, well, its time for me to go now. But I will be back soon (hopefully!)

Take care!


I wore make up for a change this Halloween (that is Amanda behind me)


School is tough but I choose to be happy and make the most of the situations


Talking to these two everyday calms me down (That’s Gracelyn and Yijie, by the way)


Finally, this annoying dude also reminds me to stay strong. Thankful for our friendship 🙂


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