Rejection + How To Deal With It

Oh hey guys!

I don’t even know where to start with this topic but I feel qualified enough to write about this having gone through multiple rejections on my own.

So, here goes….

Rejection is a horrible thing. Whether its from your friends, your classmates, an acquiantance or even someone you fancy.

Sometimes, in life, you never seem to understand why did your friends make you an outcast.
Or why is the person you are interested in does not acknowledge your feelings for him/her.

You know, I have been thinking a lot about this lately and can never understand why would people ever reject someone.

If you want to be friends, befreind everyone. Don’t form your own cliques and exclude others and make them feel outcasted.

If I am going be to be brave enough and share my feelings and tell you that I fancy you, don’t just reply ‘Ok’ and make me question you further if the feeling is mutual or not. It already took me a lot of guts to confess to you, the least you can do is give a simple and short explanation on why we cannot be together.

Nonetheless, whatever the case is, you should never have to go through it alone. Therefore, I came up with a list in helping you deal with it.

1) Talk about it

Confide in someone you really trust about your feelings and hurt. Who knows they may able to figure out a way to solve things?

Now, I understand that both guys and girls deal with things separately.

As a girl myself, I personally prefer to talk 1 or 2 of my closest girl friends and just confide in them ir seek thier advice.

It works for me, mostly. Or I either write about it and let it all out. Like writing a song or writing about the situation on a Word document on my laptop and after I’m done, I just save it and never look back.

From what I know from my guy friends, is that they go out and talk about it over some drinks or they invite one other home and discuss it and get moderately drunk or they just let it all out on their on guys WhatsApp group chat which is not so bad either.

2) Spend time with your family and friends

I cannot emphasise how important it is to have a group of people around you who keep you grounded and make you forget all your problems.

Now just yesterday, I faced my own set of rejection. Its a long story but to keep it short, I have admitted to having feelings for this guy on 2 separate occasions and told him but he just does not feel the same way.

Naturally, I was upset so I decided to keep myself occupied by doing schoolwork. But I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I packed up my stuff and went to have a sleepover at my cousins house. My family members were out of town anyway.

We had fun just chatting and playing with my baby cousin and we watched movies till 3am.

It was a great experience and I did not feel sad for even one bit.

3) Dance and forget about it

Or sing or bake or do whatever you want.

If you know anything about me, its that I don’t hold a grudges for too long.

Is holding a grudge going to help me get revenge? No, its only going to look desperate and cold. Will it help get anything useful out of it? No, its only going to be more detrimental to my emotional and psychological state of mind.

So, I decide to do what’s best for me.

I love singing and dancing to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. It gets me moving and dancing like no one’s watching and I 99.9% feel so much better anyway. (Haters gonna hate)

But feel free to do what you find works best even if it means going  shopping or for a night out on the town.

4) Just ignore it

No matter what happens rejection is unavoidable. You cannot make everyone like you anyway. So, why not just move past it and show how much better you really are anyway.

I have created a playlist of songs that I listen to make me feel heaps better about rejection.

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift (Always gets me dancing and gets me in a better mood)

“Clean” by Taylor Swift (Its a song that shows that you are not damaged goods because of someone’s decision. You are a better person because you survived a bunch of tough situations and became more stronger and wiser)

“Confident” by Demi Lovato (Really what’s wrong with being confident?)

“Problem” by Ariana Grande ( The line, “I got one less problem without you” rings true)

“22” by Taylor Swift (You don’t have to be 22 and be a hipster to listen to this songs because we are all “happy, free, confused and lonely”)

“Who Says” by Selena Gomez (This song serves as a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way)

“New Romantics” by Taylor Swift (Heartbreak is indeed the new national anthem. It’s so sassy that I cannot even handle it)

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten (This song gives the “I’m gonna prove you wrong and survive this even if no one believes in me” vibe)

“Falling” by HAIM (This song tells us to not give up anymore because it’s only going to get tougher from here)

And lastly, how could I miss out this 90’s hit being a 90’s baby myself.

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls (Its not really anything to do with rejection but it’s sure bound to get you in a good mood)

And that was my way on helping you deal with rejection. Let me know if you think I missed out any other steps.

Take care and I’ll talk soon!


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