My 18th Birthday

Oh hey there!

Happy Legal Birthday to me! I’m 18 and legally, I can drink, smoke and drive. But I don’t drink and smoke so I will make do with driving.

I turned 18 this past Saturday on 14th November and it actually went well.

I fell asleep at about 11pm the night before so I was not able to witness the clock striking 12. But that’s okay.

I woke up at 7:30am in the morning and checked my phone first thing and true enough, there were already so many wishes. But the funny thing is, I didn’t expect anyone to remember my birthday.

The day before my birthday, I was really upset because all my friends whom I had planned to have a birthday lunch with cancelled on me.

I know they didn’t really plan to cancel on me but they had other commitments so I had already planned to meet them yesterday but I had to cancel on them because I forgot that I had an extra class. So, I will make it up to them as soon as I get a chance to.

I received a ton of wishes. Some on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, text message and in-person from my family members. (I will post some screenshots at the bottom of this post)

But the sweetest message came from my best friend. It really made me cry. I won’t try to describe it so I will just let you read the screenshot.

So, on my birthday, I went to an award ceremony and received an award. After the ceremony which lasted for an hour was done, I walked to Ikea which was nearby and walked around and saw a bunch of stuff. But I didn’t really buy anything. I figured that I have all the love in the world, what more do I need?

I came home to Grandma’s after I was done and Grandma gave me lunch. I really had tears in my eyes and felt so blessed that my Grandma (Nani) is still alive and is serving me lunch in her old age.

After lunch, Nani gave me a new kurta (blouse) to wear. Although it was not the most fashion forward looking kurta, I felt really ashamed that in her age, Nani can still sew whereas I cannot even sew a straight line.

The rest of the day was a frenzy of cooking and baking. I helped my uncle to cook Mee Hoon Goreng. Mee Hoon Goreng is actually flat rice noodles that is fried with a chilli and onion paste, vegetables but we also added boiled potatoes and chicken breast cubes. It actually tasted really nice.

Then after, my Auntie and I baked a cake. We didn’t have enough time, so we used a boxed cake mix and made a chocolate cake. I then decorated it with leftover buttercream that I had after frosting some cookies. And I decorated it with choclate sprinkles.

That was pretty much my day but I had a good time. And being 18 doesn’t feel much different than 17 except for higher expectations and responsibility.

I was surprised to see so many messages

From Dearest Gracelyn


And dear Atikah as well


From my babe Jing Heng


My sweet friends from last year who didn’t forget as well


From my babe Amanda as well


Yi Jie really sent such a long message and made me cry.


It was also my first time in all of our friendship watching him use that many emojis


These are just some of the many wishes I received. Thank you to anyone who kept me in your thoughts or wished me. Just thank you sooo much!


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