Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here!

Well, in just 2 hours , here in Singapore, the clock will strike 12 midnight.

Let’s get into the festive spirit by listening to Christmas records, shall we?

Personally, I don’t celebrate Christmas but its hard not to get into the holiday spirit when everyone else around you is celebrating.

But, let’s catch up on life while we wait for Santa (I legit once thought Santa was real!)  to come down our chimneys!

So far, I’ve had quite a month. I had common tests and the results just came out yesterday. Alhamdulillah, I’ve done well.

Then my parents and my family went abroad on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t go because I was in the midst of common tests. I legit cried like a sap when they were leaving and when I got to school after they left. But hey, sometimes you can only hope for the best.

After my family left, it was up to me to keep a tab on how the restaurant was running so I’d go in on weekdays for 2-3 hours around lunchtime and manage things. Then, after lunchtime, I’d grab a quick bite and would head to do some sightseeing by going to different malls and just doing mostly window shopping and occasionally, buying something.

Then, after a long day out, I’d go home and exercise. Maybe do some running and planking? I love doing planks, it’s my favourite exercise to do.

I’d then spend some time just researching for my articles but mostly, I just wanted to have a good rest because I know that even though I have deadlines to meet, my holidays are for me to rest so I want to rest and relax for a bit. Yes, I will still do some work but not too much.

What else happened? I had planned to go out with my friends Yi Jie and Maisarah as part of a  late birthday celebration for me but in the end, Maisarah cancelled because she felt unwell. Which means that, Yi Jie and I only met in the end. But that’s okay, cause we got to hang out and wait for it, Yi Jie  actually paid for the dinner. Like no matter what, I wasn’t allowed to pay. Basically, I got a treat which was so cool!

What else? Right now, I am on attachment and so far, it’s going okay. Just one more week of attachment and I will be go back to school. I’m half excited and half- dreading to go back to school. I’m excited because it’s going to be a new term and I will be learning new stuff but I’m also dreading because it’s a short term and there’s gonna be a lot to keep up with.

Okay, I better end this blog post here because I am actually sick and I need to go get some rest but I will be back soon!

Happy Holidays!















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