The 5 ‘C’s’ I Want In A Relationship

If you live in Singapore then you are probably aware of the old joke that Singaporean guys should possess these 5 “C”s in order to be considered as a good boyfriend/husband.

Those 5 “C”‘s would be: Cash, Condominium, Credit Card,  Car and Country Club Membership. This has got me thinking what would be the 5 “C”‘s I would want my man to have instead of these materialistic things?

I have compiled a list of 5 “C”‘s I want my man to have. Tell me if you agree with them or if anything else can be added.

Here we go!


1) Commitment

Commitment is key in any relationship in order for it to work out in the long run. When I see a guy fully committed to making a relationship work, it makes me respect and appreciate him more. It proves to me that although he could be with anyone else but me, yet, he still chose me over everyone else.

2) Comfort

No, I don’t mean comfort in the sense where you cry and your man is there to comfort you. What I mean is comfort in the sense where he makes you feel comfortable in his presence. You both could be doing something together or doing absolutely nothing and yet feel totally comfortable together.

3) Cravings

I’m going to be real here: I really love food. There, I said it.

When my man is into food, it bowls me over. Bonus points if he can cook too.

I really appreciate it when my man goes out of his way to fulfill my sudden late night night hunger pangs when I’m craving something specific like noodle soup.

Food is love, food is life and when my cravings are satisfied is when I’m truly mesmerised (Totally meant to make that rhyme)


4) Consistent

Consistency is key.

I’d really like a guy to be consistent in his efforts if he is trying to keep me.

It wouldn’t be nice if he showers with you affection on one day and then disappears mysteriously for the next few days.

He shouldn’t sweet talk to you on a particular day and then proceed to be sour for the next few days towards you (whether he is sour towards you or someone/thing else)

I also do not mean that if he buys you flowers on a particular day that he should buy you flowers every single day. But a simple text would definitely make my day 😉

5) Contentment

The only feeling I want to feel everyday (whether I’m in a relationship or not). It doesn’t matter if I make someone feel contented or if someone makes me feel contented.